Carry The Scrunchie In An Unlike Way
Carry The Scrunchie In An Unlike Way

Scrunchie is the hair accessory every female is in love with. This trend is back in the town. You might see many girls carrying it in a different way.

Do you want to style it in a stylish way?

Let’s find out what those ways are.

Braided Style

Most of us make a braid. Especially the ones with long hair. To grip it, what hair accessory will be used? The answer fairly sums up to scrunchie. It is a fabric-covered pony which holds the hair firmly. Instead of having a regular pony, it will look good.

You can find it in various materials like velvet, net and silk etc. this flower-shaped pony gives an eye-friendly look.

High Ponytail

Never miss out on a scrunchie when you make a high ponytail. A plain, simple rubber band will not help create a great outlook. Instead of this, use scrunchie to create a stylish appearance. It will be more visible and add grace to your fashion sense.

Every girl prefers to create a high ponytail. For this hairdo, scrunchie seems the best option. Match it with your outfit and what else? There you are!

The Back Twist:

Apart from high ponytail and braided style, go for scrunchie for a back twist hairdo. Take layers of hair which fall on your ears and twist them. Place these twisted hair on the back of your head and have scrunchie to tie them up. This time go for a bow scrunchie since it will give a perfect look.

This half up and half down hairdo seems elegant and makes you chic. Additionally, twisted hair adds spice to the grace.

Top Bun

Most girls like to make a top bun. Not all the time, bun pins are a preferable option. Scrunchie is the hair accessory which you can use to grip the top bun. It is totally up to you to make a half up top bun or full hair bun. Scrunchie looks like a flower and wearing it will make you look like a princess.

Then no more wait! Just go to and buy your favorite scrunchie. Their scrunchie collection is worth exploring. And from now onwards, your bun shouldn’t remain simple at all. It has to be embellished with this amazing hair accessory.

Half Up Half Down Bun

This hairdo is in trend and will remain for quite some time. There are so many celebrities who are fond of it. Whether it is Kriti Sanon, Selena Gomez or Mahira Khan, they have carried this hairstyle in an iconic way. For this half up half down bun style, scrunchie pony would be perfect.

Make this style more catchy and appealing by embellishing it with scrunchie. Without a hair accessory, your hairdo will look ordinary. But a scrunchie on the other hand can give you a stylish look. Henceforth, when you intend to make this hairdo, never leave a scrunchie behind. Both these hairstyles and accessories are not to miss.

Double Scrunchie

Have you tried double scrunchie style? Wearing a scrunchie and then leaving some hair and wearing another scrunchie. This double scrunchie style will surely help you make an extravagant look. It will be an extraordinary style and would help you elevate your fashion sense.

Select the colors and material you perfectly resonate with. You will find it in a number of hues. And in winters silk and velvet material would give you a relaxing and cozy feeling.

Final Thoughts

These styles to put on scrunchie are surely worth trying. So, your fashion style will have the right nudge. Opt for these scrunchie styles for a perfect fresh appearance.

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