Some Renowned Ring Cuts of All Times
Some Renowned Ring Cuts of All Times

Ring Cuts Of All Times

Besides necklace and earrings women also wear rings commonly. For variations, it is better to choose rings of different styles. Create a personal style statement and try out rings of different cuts. Whether it is your engagement or any other significant event, you must know which ring cuts are trending the most.

Gemstones in various cuts like marquise, radiant and pear, etc. appear magnificent and unique. In this document, we will shed light on some of the renowned ring cuts of all times.

Let’s get this started.

     1. Cushion Cut

Do you know your ring cut says much about your personality? The cut of a gemstone is something you pay for. Cushion cut is a timeless style. The precious gem in this form looks ethereal. If you want to add glory to your style then be a wearer of it.

     2. Asscher Cut

One of the other ring cuts, which never goes out of style is Asscher cut. If you are traditional and want something elegant for yourself, then try your hands on an Asscher cut. Some celebrities who also wore Asscher cut rings include Pippa Middleton, Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba.

    3.  Princess Cut

As the title indicates “Princess cut” this ring design has a trendy and catchy appearance. You will be able to outshine by adding more gleam to your soft look.  Its square shape with pointed edges makes it brilliant for all sorts of occasions. Go ahead and grab your piece.

   4. Emerald Cut

Before you take the next leap to explore the jewelry new arrivals, be certain to look for the emerald cut. Probably, you have heard about it. This ring cut is very much sought after. There are many celebrities who also prove this claim like Anne Hathaway, Amal Clooney, Olivia Wilde and Mariah Carey etc.

    5. Oval cut

Women love to wear oval cut rings when they have to uplift their feminine side. This cut has become a trend and there are many personalities who are wearers of this. Kate Middleton, Serena Williams, Blake Lively and Christina Aguilera are those who have embraced this oval ring cut.

   6.  Radiant Cut

As the name indicates, radiant cut is there for you when you have to appear radiant. This 8 corner shaped stone is a symbol of your friendly and social nature. This could be your dream ring cut, so consider this conventional option as well like Jennifer Aniston did.

 Marquise cut

Is there anyone in this world who doesn’t want a marquise cut ring? Marquise cut is also known as Navette cut, which means little boat. Just appear flawless like Catherine Zeta Jones by wearing this. Moreover, if your hands are not so large then this ring style is a perfect pick for you. 

  8. Pear Cut

This ring cut known as pear cut is another exquisite ring shape which is looked for by most of the females. It is neither marquise nor an oval shape ring cut. It has a pointed end on one side and is rounded on the other side also known as tear shaped cut. When you want to look elegant, wear this like Katherine Heigl and Mia Farrow, etc.

Bottom Line :
The above-mentioned ring cuts should be your pick when you either buy jewelry online or from a local shop.

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