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Before Purchasing Artificial Jewelry Online, Ask These Questions!
Before Purchasing Artificial Jewelry Online, Ask These Questions!

Before Purchasing Artificial Jewelry Online

Are you a jewelry enthusiast who is fond of online jewelry shopping? Do you shop online and lay your eyes on the pieces of jewelry that are fancy, glittery, and mesmerizing? Most of the time, you are stuck on the question of whether you should purchase that piece or not?


If the answer to all of the questions mentioned above is “yes,” then let me acknowledge that you are at the right place. Needless to say, eCommerce is the most evolving sector in this modern age of the tech-oriented world. Most people go towards their favorite browser to purchase not only jewelry but everything. One primary reason why people prefer online shopping is obviously the pandemic outbreak. 


Needless to say, buyers who are more prone to online shopping never have all the information about a particular item they wish to buy online. Therefore, they rely on sellers to provide the information we need before heading towards the payment procedure. In a legal sense, it is not incumbent upon the seller to provide all the relevant information regarding the product; but rather, it is the utmost responsibility of the purchaser to be prudent and ask all the questions he comes up with regarding the product he is interested in. 


In the era of falsities and misrepresentation, how will you get to know where you are actually purchasing your desired product, especially when it comes to online shopping. 


Considering that fact, we have listed down some easy yet critical questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing artificial jewelry online. So without any further adieu, let’s jump right in.

  1. What are The Contents or Materials of The Pieces of Jewelry? 

Buyers should gather all the information regarding the material or the content of the jewelry pieces he is interested in purchasing. This information is crucial to justify the quality and life of the ornaments. Following are some essential questions buyers need to ask the seller before purchasing artificial decorations online. 

  • Is the jewelry item’s price proportionate to the jewelry item’s characteristics? 

  • What is the weight of the piece of jewelry (in grams) which you are interested in buying? 

  • Is the overall quality of the product low or high?

  •  What material is used during the manufacturing of the item? For example, gold, sterling silver, platinum, etc. 

  • What are the characteristics of each stone engraved on the piece of jewelry you are interested in purchasing? 

  • Does the piece of jewelry you will buy possess real diamonds/stones or fake diamonds/stones? 

  • What is the carat weight of every stone engraved on the piece of ornament you will purchase? 

  1. From Which Brand I Am Purchasing The Jewelry? 

Buyers should analyze the brand’s reputation and customer reviews before purchasing anything from a particular brand online. It is the right of customers to know who exactly they are buying from. Following are some essential questions buyers need to ask the seller before purchasing artificial ornaments online. 

  • Is the seller also a gemologist or just an ordinary jeweler? 

  • What is the previous selling and buying history of that particular brand?

  • Can they provide any references?

  • For how long does the brand exist? Or, since how long the particular seller has been working for that specific brand?

  •  Is the custom piece of jewelry they are selling from a small jeweler? 

  • Is it a giant online retailer that infamously offers low-quality jewelry pieces at an extremely high markup?

  1. Are There Any Accompanying Papers of Trust Sources Associated With The Ornaments? 

Before you buy anything online, request any evidence from the seller attesting to the quality of the ornaments you are considering purchasing. Following are some essential questions buyers need to ask the seller before purchasing artificial decorations online. 

  • On what basis does the jewelry item claim to be high quality? Is there any proof to justify that? Any appraisals, certificates, or grading reports? 

  • What is authority documentation provided?

  1. Is that Something I Would Like To Resell in The Future? 

Customers should make sure to cover all the bases before purchasing anything online. Following are some crucial questions customers should ask the seller before purchasing artificial ornaments online. 

  • What are the disclaimers? 

  • Is there any particular time limit? 

  • Can the seller provide his terms and conditions in written form?

  • Will I receive the store credit or cash if I return a product?

  • What exactly are their return and exchange policies?

  • Will I have to pay some additional money to utilize the store credit? 

  • Can you see yourself wearing that item for a long time? 

BONUS: Which Brand Sells The Best Fashion Jewelry Online? 

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At the heart of it all, buyers should do thorough research and profound analysis of the website before purchasing anything online, especially if they are prone to buying something expensive online.

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