4 Ways to Make Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Look Like As Good As Brand New
4 Ways to Make Your Sterling Silver Jewelry Look Like As Good As Brand New

Sterling Silver Jewelry

It would not be wrong to say that jewelry symbolizes beauty, power, and enthusiasm. It is a decorative item that people wear for their adornment. Silver jewelry is no exception. The history and reputation of sterling silver jewelry as a sought-after natural resource only ignites its appeal as a beauty accessory. 

Despite several advantages of silver jewelry, the biggest con is that the jewelry begins to tarnish as there could be various reasons. But don’t worry, there is a vast range of methods you can acquire to maintain the appearance of your fashion ornaments.

If you own silver rings, necklace sets, or other silver jewelry, you might be looking for some appealing methods that help to make your jewelry look brand new. Here’s a piece of good news for you. You are at the right place where you will get to know four optimistic ways to maintain your jewelry appearance.

So without further ado, let’s glide right into the article and get your jewelry to look gorgeous again!

Wear Your Fashion Jewelry 

Yes, you read it absolutely right, believe it or not but the best way to prevent the tarnish of your silver fashion jewelry is to wear it. The heat of the body helps to maintain the appearance of silver jewelry for an extended period. Moreover, the body’s natural oil helps protect the jewelry and keep it shiny for the upcoming years.   So by just wearing your fashion jewels, you maintain their glow, shine, and appearance. So wear your jewelry more often. 

Do Not Use Household Cleaners 

Exposure to air is not the only cause of tarnish. Various household cleaners, especially cleaners with harmful chemicals and rubber gloves, cause tarnishing silver ornaments. Moreover, food products such as eggs and Mayonnaise can also tarnish your precious ornaments. It’s good to wear silver jewelry most often, but one must take the piece of jewelry off while working in the kitchen and using household cleaners. When required, remove silver ornaments to keep them from coming in contact with things that can tarnish your precious jewelry.

Store It Properly

It’s crucial to take care of your precious pieces of jewelry and keep them in a proper jewelry box to prevent the cause of tarnish. It would be best to buy an adequate jewelry box with velvet finishing to store all your gorgeous jewelry. Keeping your jewelry this way helps to prevent tarnishing and extends the life of the jewelry. If you cannot afford a jewelry box, you can also store your jewelry in an airtight plastic bag to stop tarnish from forming. Make sure to keep jewelry pieces in separate airtight plastic bags to avoid tangling and scratching.

There are also other ways to store jewelry to cut down on tarnish if you don’t want to keep your jewelry in a plastic bag. One more solution is to store your silver ornaments somewhere with low humidity. Another solution is to place a piece of chalk, silicone, or pack of silicones near your fashion jewelry as such pieces absorb the moisture. 

Get the Professional Cleaning 

There are several ways to maintain the appearance of your precious ornaments, but one of the methods can keep professional cleaning. It would be best if you headed over to a jeweler for the professional cleaning of your jewelry at least once a year to extend the life of your silver jewels. Taking your favorite pieces of jewelry to get cleaned professionally will give your jewelry a fresh start. Once you get your ornaments cleaned professionally, you can continue cleaning your jewelry at home to keep them looking as great as brand new. 

Conclusion :

People make efforts instead of excuses when they genuinely care about something. So, assuredly, you should make efforts to take care of every piece of jewelry that your own, whether you have a jewelry box full of jewelry or a prized piece. Jewelry, especially 925 silver jewelry, can look shiny and gorgeous for years if the jewelry owner keeps the jewelry with proper care. Hence, you should acquire all the measures mentioned above to maintain the appearance of your jewelry. 

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