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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: February, 2020

Please carefully read this document of our Terms of Use since they govern your access and use of Uclick.pk website.

You need to understand and acknowledge these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to our terms and policies, you won’t be able to use this website to its full potential and in a trouble-free way.

This document is considered an agreement between Uclick.pk and you hereby accepting all the clauses mentioned below.

  • The website owner reserves the right to modify or terminate any clause, for any reason, and without the prior notice to the site users.
  • Keep checking this document from time to time because we are likely to update it any time. Your continued use of Uclick.pk will be considered as your consent to the terms outlined in this document.
  • Uclick.pk reserves the right to revoke the user access to his account if found manipulating with its terms and business policies; the user will not be able to access and use the website from thereon.
  • Users must provide their personal details accurately to place an order and in case of any changes they should update their profiles at the earliest.
  • The order placed will be revoked in case found with inaccurate or fake details and the person will be liable to legal penalty. Uclick.pk users are warned about not to provide fraudulent information about any other person on his behalf.
  • Create an account using your personal details and place order in your name and address.
  • The access of any user account will be immediately denied in case any unusual activity is noticed using that particular account.
  • For any unusual activity from your account without your consent or direct involvement, you must inform us using Contact Us form or calling at +92 310 1706865.
  • It is highly advisable that users should not share their Uclick.pk account details with any other person under any condition. Uclick.pk will not take the responsibility in case your shared information will be misused.
  • Uclick.pk reserves the right to use all the personally identifiable information (PII) of the website users. We may use this data for our marketing endeavors; this information may be used to send promotional emails.
  • No user information submitted to this website will be shared or sold to any third party. Uclick believes in providing accurate details about all the products displayed on the website. In case, a user finds any ambiguous information, it is recommended to contact our customer support immediately and our representative will be pleased to help and guide you.
  • Any unverified order by the customer will be canceled without notifying him.
  • No changes will be made to the confirmed orders.
  • For further queries and details, contact us at hello.uclick@gmail.com or +92 310 1706865.

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