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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It’s the core of Uclick.pk policies to ensure respect and protection of all personal data of our website users. At Uclick.pk, we understand the concerns of users about their personal details. We also honor their confidentiality as they register and log in to uclick and we ensure to safeguard the information provided.

This policy governs your online privacy and data protection rights regarding our collection, storage and usage of your personally identifiable information (PII), including name, email, postal address, etc. concerning your use of our website. The user-provided information will be stored in an electronic database and is for Uclick’s website use only. This privacy policy applies to the Uclick website and services provided through it.

      • We only ask for private information we need to serve our users in one way or another.
      • We don’t ask for and collect unnecessary information and don’t intend to misuse customer information stored in our database.

    We don’t share, sell or trade users’ private information without their consent. The sharing of this information with any third-party will be considered only when necessary or approved by the law or similar constraints.

Information We Collect?

Uclick, like many other website operators, also collects PII (Personally-Identifying Information) of the site users that includes, but not limited to name, email, phone number, address, and browser type, etc. We collect this information for better understanding of the user behavior as they interact with the website and a particular product or service, and hence help us in creating an improved user experience. We may use this information to determine or trace the identity of a specific user if required.

PII Protection

It is our steadfast commitment to stand in respect of your online privacy. We take all essential measures to protect our website users’ data stored in our system. Our users’ online privacy protection is our top priority on which we never compromise, ever. We give significant consideration to protect the personal and general information of the website users from unapproved access, misuse, destruction, modification, and undue information sharing. Individuals visiting Uclick.pk may interact in a way that requires us to ask for their personal data; for instance, filling the registration form with email and password credentials or some other information like postal address that is crucial for processing their orders. Regardless of what user action is taken on the website, we aspire to collect mandatory information that we need to improve our services and therefore, the user experience. We need this information to verify the user identity that is required as a precautionary measure to avoid fraudulent interactions. An individual who does not provide the required information will have limited access to the website features and may not be entertained as Uclick’s customer. We may share user information only when it is needed by employees, contractors, and affiliated bodies to process or provide any service to the customers. Under non-disclosure agreements, we do not disclose any information of our website users to any third party or make it public. We may also release personally-identifying information if required under a court order or by any other government body authorized to ask for, not otherwise.

Privacy Policy Updates

Uclick may update its existing Privacy Policy at times if deemed necessary by solely the owner’s preference. It is highly advisable to frequently check this page to get to know about all the updates. For further queries and details, contact us at +92 310 1706865 or hello.uclick@gmail.com.

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