Your Precise Guide for an Insight of CZ Jewelry
Your Precise Guide for an Insight of CZ Jewelry

Your Precise Guide For Insight Of CZ Jewelry

Have you heard about CZ jewelry? In the current times, the trend of this jewelry is skyrocketing. Women of all ages are making it a part of their jewelry collection heavily.

What makes it so special?

In this article, we will explore the best fashion jewelry and take an insight about it. By the end of the script, you will be aware of critical aspects of this jewelry type.

Let’s get started with it.

1.  What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a colorless synthesized material known in 1978. It is not a Zircon gemstone since it is a man-made substance and could be considered as a budget-friendly alternative to Zircon. It is a durable stone available in various hues.  

2.  What is Cubic Zirconia Made From?

It was the 1970s when commercial production of CZ started. It is made up of zirconium oxide with the combination of other minerals like calcium oxide. It is created in a strictly controlled environment. To make this neutral stone colorful, some amount of chromium, titanium or cerium are added.

3.  Is Cubic Zirconia Diamond?

Cubic Zirconia is not original. It can’t be mistaken for diamond. Though it has a shape and appearance like a diamond, it actually isn’t. You could say that this stone is an imitation of diamond. This lab-created stone is available at an affordable price, whereas diamond is a high-priced stone.  

4.  Wearing Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

A layperson could think of CZ as a diamond due to its resemblance. Saying that you could imagine how classy and elegant it is. If you can’t afford diamonds then CZ jewelry is your option. You could wear it at formal events and add crisp to your style.

5.  Maintaining Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

As it is said that CZ is a substitute of diamond, the question also arises of its maintenance. You could clean it like other fashion jewelry items. It is advised not to wear this CZ jewelry while performing household tasks. There are chances that it will get scratches. So, before storing it, take a jewelry cleaning solution and a soft cloth and clean it to remove dirt and any stains. 

6.  Purchasing Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

You could easily find a wide collection of CZ pieces in a nearby jewelry store or an online jewelry shop. It is available in various designs so pick the jewelry items of your choice and sparkle like a diamond. As we discussed earlier, it doesn’t cost much so you purchase many CZ jewelry items. 

7.  Grades of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

CZ jewelry also has grades and the grading is done on the basis of cut, clarity, color, and carat. Cut refers to the shape i.e., it is available in heart, brilliant and princes’ cut, etc. It is usually colorless but can be created in different colors. Clarity refers to transparency and karat tells about the weight and durability of the material. 

We hope this comprehensive discussion about CZ jewelry is beneficial & decisive for you whether to purchase it or not.  

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