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Why Should You Go For Stud Earrings?
Why Should You Go For Stud Earrings?

Stud Earrings

Unlike hanging earrings, stud earrings are a type of earrings with an embellishment visible on the earlobe and a narrow post which passes through the earlobe. With an ear backing, it helps support maintaining it on the ear. For more than 7000 years ago, men used to carry this jewelry piece to depict their social status. Further, Ancient Egypt also carried stud earrings beautifully. 

It was the decade of the 1920s when contemporary and stylish earrings came to prominence. As of now, we see this earring type in various materials, styles and colors. With its rich history and trend, more or less every girl must have it for an elegant appearance. Apart from this, we are going to document some of the compelling reasons which will make you buy these earrings. 

Let’s explore it further.  

A Wide-Range of Designs

There is no need to worry about your casual and formal events anymore. For a simple, sophisticated and modest look, you will find a wide range of stud earrings designs. The most trending ones, the pearl stud earrings should be your pick for the dated events. Moreover, for casual dinners and meet ups, crystal stud earrings are a must have. With a unique shape, design and fine shiny hue, this is your go to jewelry piece. 

Also known by the name of climber earrings, ear cuffs is surely a type of stud earrings not to be missed. We can’t forget to mention stone and floral stud earrings. You could wear these awesome studs casually as well. Last but not the least, big studs are one of the most sought-after jewelry items nowadays. They are classy and have a bigger size than the normal studs. With a high ponytail or bun, wear them and dazzle up your appearance.     

Easy-Wear Earrings

Going somewhere? Carry studs in your pouch. Need earrings for wearing day and night? Answer lies in stud earrings. These earrings don’t hurt and are super light in weight. You could carry them in a comfortable way. Easy to wear, such earrings will not irritate your ears. Like when you wear drop, dangle or jhumka earrings, you have to bear weight on earlobes which is hurting and irritating. 

But unlike those earrings, stud earrings will not entangle in your hair or irritate you. Make a way to a credible online jewelry store like Uclick.pk and explore a plethora of contemporary stud earrings. These must-to-have earrings will surely help define your fashion statement.

Stud Earrings Will Stay

This tiny jewelry earrings type helps you make your look complete. The stud earrings trend will stay for long. It could be said they are timeless. These classic earrings trend seems to never get old. Whether it is gold studs, gem studs or sterling silver studs, you will find them perfect for your look. They are easy to carry and travel with. 

They wouldn’t get damaged easily. Even if you have pierced ears, you could wear plastic studs. For maintaining a professional look, you must keep them in your jewelry box. It will not be good if you wear heavy and drop earrings. They are not meant for the office setup. Have the above discussed or any other simple stud earrings. 

When all is said and done

After taking a round of the above script, we are sure that you have made up your mind to buy stud earrings. You could have customized stud earrings. With the material, design, and style of your choice, you could have matching classy studs. Obtain them and look fashionable on the occasions! You will surely be in love with these stud earrings.  

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