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Why is Scrunchie Still a Trend?
Why is Scrunchie Still a Trend?


By definition, scrunchie is a round-shaped elastic piece wrapped up in fabric. It is used to manage hair of all types in the form of ponytail or bun. It was invented in the 1960s. Over the past decades, years, wearing scrunchie was casual. But for some time, it has become a trend to use this hair accessory.

What could be the reasons behind it?

Well, here we are with some of the reasons which assure that scrunchie is your most-wanted hair tool.

Let’s get to know more of it. 

1. Durability

Plastic catchers and rubber bands are breakable. Unlike them, scrunchies don’t bother you. They are free from breakage. They don’t tie up your hair and instead remain soft on your hair. They appear like a flower and help you in creating a pleasant look.

Since there is elastic covered in the fabric, there is minimal to no chances that it will break. Its durability is one of the strong reasons which allows the females to buy it. Maintaining this trend and having a variety of hair tools, it is better to have it. It will not pull off your hair.

2.       Scrunchie – The Best Hair Tool 

Yes, it is rightly said! Going for a party or hanging out with friends, scrunchie is your most-wanted hair accessory. You could organize hair with any hair managing tool. But, with scrunchie you are gonna have a retro look. This is not like those clips who disappear in your hair. Instead, this highly visible flowered-type band is perfect for you.

For a casual look, you wanna make a hair bun. What hair accessory is there? It is a scrunchie which you could use easily. It is funky, spooky and chunky! It appears heavenly and beautiful.

3.       Less Hair Headache

Many females were of the view that they got a headache with normal hair accessories. But they have reported less headache issues when they use scrunchy. They don’t pull your hair back or cause a headache. Instead, it is softer on your hair and they remain manageable.

It is better to have this hair tool to tie up your hair. Even on a regular basis, if you love to have a ponytail, this is the accessory you want. So, for a pain free and headache free hairstyle, have scrunchie in your hair accessory box.

4.       Not Easier to Lose

Unlike teeny-tiny hair pins and clips, there are minimal chances of losing scrunchies. If you forget or drop it somewhere might make you lose it otherwise not. This is not a tiny hair clip which is hard to find in a bag or somewhere else.

It’s such a hair accessory which will make you love it. So, instead of regular hair ties, go for a scrunchy. This awesome hair managing tool will help make you a perfect and elegant look.

5.     Plethora of Designs & Colors

Well, you will find thousands of designs and colors of scrunchy. It is available in silk, velvet, cotton and various other materials. With awesome designs and hues, it will be difficult for you to choose one. For giving a fresh and vibrant look to your hair, you must have it.

With tassels, beads and other embellishments, scrunchies look great. For middle-aged ladies who love to make hair bun, they could go for matching, an embellished scrunchy.

Bottom Line

While scrunchy is still a trend, you must not stay behind in adopting this trend. To have it, your one-stop shop is www.uclick.pk. You could explore a wide variety of scrunchies. Hence, buy them and stay updated with current fashion styles.

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