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Which Metals Do & Don’t Leave Green Marks on Fingers?
Which Metals Do & Don’t Leave Green Marks on Fingers?

Selection of Metals

When you visit a market and explore heaps of fashion jewelry, be selective and wise. Certainly, there are numerous jewelry metals which can be considered. But we will tell which ones are the best for you. No doubt, there are materials which could react to your skin. The possible symptoms include redness, itching, irritation, swelling and skin discoloration, etc.

This is because of the presence of copper traces in the jewelry items which causes your skin to discolor but doesn’t harm.

In this document, we will talk about some ring metals which do & don’t turn your skin green.

       I.            Metals Turning Skin Green

1.    Copper

Copper is the metal which has oxidation properties. Any jewelry piece having copper elements in it is inclined to get oxidized. More than that if you use perfumes and creams then this process gets amplified. Your skin also turns green due to chemicals present in it.

2.    Nickel

Nickel is another metal which is non-friendly to skin. It is known for causing allergies to skin. You need to avoid purchasing the jewelry item made of nickel or any percentage of it. When you visit an online jewelry store, you could read the metals used for the jewelry or ask for the description.

3.    Brass & Bronze

Brass is having copper and zinc metal and on the other hand bronze contains copper & tin metals. Both these have copper metal which becomes the cause of skin pigmentation.

    II.            Metals That Don’t Turn Skin Green

1.      Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a ring which you will be wearing for a long time, then stainless steel should be your priority. It doesn’t corrode and tarnish. So, never think that it will make your skin green. Wear it for hours or days and you will not find such an issue.

2.      Platinum

Looking at the metal platinum, it is a very strong one. It doesn’t need to be polished and has a glossy milky hue. Its shine doesn’t fade away easily. It is also hypoallergenic and will not react to the skin and forget about staining of skin due to it. This ring is for you to wear on the special events.

3.      Titanium

Create a new jewellery collection, which contains jewelry made up of the metals like titanium and platinum, etc. Titanium is also one of such metals which you could blindly rely on. Carry on rings day & night. After wearing a titanium ring don’t let any thought come across your mind that it will change your skin color.

4.      Gold

Gold is renowned all over the globe due to its unique properties. This pricey metal has a perfect bright golden hue. With the passage of time, there are chances that its gleam might fade but it is a skin-friendly material and doesn’t turn skin green.

Closing Thoughts :

Now, we hope that you will not tend to buy jewelry items containing copper, nickel, or brass and bronze metals. You should spend money on skin-friendly ornaments.

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