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What to Do When You Misplace an Earring?
What to Do When You Misplace an Earring?

When Lose an Earring

You came back home after a long tiring day and found your one earlobe empty. Finally, this undesirable incident has occurred. You have lost your earring! It is displeasing because you will not be able to wear your favorite earrings anymore. Moreover, if it was pricey or a family heirloom then grief is double.

What should be done? Be our companion for a little more time and you will get the answer. Whether it is fashion jewelry or fine jewelry, a solution is always there. No need to worry at all.

Let’s begin the voyage.

1.      Get Over It

Though losing a single earring is disheartening, but still, you have to get over it. It is an accident and you are not at fault.  There are lots of superstitions behind losing an earring too. If you have lost the earring of your right ear, then it refers to an inflow of negative energy.

On the contrary, if the earring of the left ear has gone missing then it means luck is in your way. Keeping aside these myths, you shouldn’t walk through mourning. Instead, look for some solution since it is what it is. In the next section, get to know what your appropriate solution is. 

2.      Contact Your Jewelry Shop

Without exploring new jewelry collections in the market and roaming around, contact with the jewelry shop. This is the jewelry store from where you had purchased the earrings. Show them earrings design. They might be having those earrings in the collection.

Now, the next question is whether they sell a single earring or not? If the earrings are not expensive, then you could buy a pair otherwise ask them to make a new one. If they don’t agree on any of the options, then find a renowned best online jewelry store  or local shop for custom orders.

3.      Custom Jewelry Shop

In recent times, there are many reliable custom jewelry shops and this is your stop to recover the loss of an earring. A custom jewelry store usually offers customized jewelry making, jewelry cleaning and jewelry appraisal services, etc. Consult with them about their jewelry making procedure.

Discuss with them which design and metal you want. Ask them the price of the customized jewelry item and the duration in which they deliver. What else? Enjoy your dearest earrings at any event!

4.      Precautions from Losing Earrings

After proposing a solution of recreating your lost earring, we should also know what we can do to avoid losing an earring. It is better not to wear earrings in the bathroom. Don’t make the mistake of placing them near the sink. When going for a vacation, take your jewelry box as well.

When your pets are nearby, don’t wear earrings or jewelry. Last but not the least, keep a small pouch in your bag for placing jewelry. If you wrap up your jewelry in tissue paper, then you know better the rest of the story.     

Final Thought :
It’s the time to relax. Hopefully, this discussion has put an end to all of your queries related to losing a single earring.

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