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Waterproof Jewelry Materials You Must Know About
Waterproof Jewelry Materials You Must Know About

Waterproof Jewelry

Women love to wear jewelry. They regard it as their asset. They spend their well-earned money on it. Whether it is fine jewelry or fashion jewelry, they are keen to explore and adopt the latest fashion trends. While making jewelry a part of your daily routine, you remain a little bit cautious.

Since, there are high chances that your dear & precious jewelry shows effects of sunlight exposure, moisture, and water. Then what should be done? No issue! We will tell you about some waterproof metals which are hard enough to resist environmental effects.

Let’s get to know it in detail.

1.     Gold

Gold is known for centuries due to its quality & lavishness. It is a sign of status symbol. This highly sought-after metal has become the priority of people for the special events. Asian females usually wear gold necklace set on their wedding day. Apart from this, you can carry gold chains or other items daily as well. It is one of the strongest metals. It is waterproof and doesn’t get tarnished easily.

2.     Silver

Silver is soft and malleable in pure form. Sterling silver jewelry which is 92% silver and the remaining ratio consists of traces of metals, becomes hard and can withstand the hard temperature and humidity. It doesn’t lose its mesmerizing sparkle for quite some time. Even if you wear it in shower or doing some workout, it resists the moisture effects. You need to follow a simple jewelry cleaning regimen to prevent the prevailing harsh effects.

3.     Platinum

Platinum is one of the hardest metals on the planet. People normally seek platinum rings for engagement and wedding due to its durability. So, putting on platinum jewelry should make you tension free about its life span. It also has a milky glowing hue. Carry such jewelry objects easily on all sorts of events and casually as well. Your platinum ring or bracelet is there for you in its original form for a long time.

4.     Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the other metals which is water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and is known for its mirror-finished shine. For buying stainless steel jewelry, you have to keep in mind to purchase 316L type. If you take a shower or go to the beach with stainless steel earrings or rings, then forget about staining and discoloration.

5.     Titanium

Titanium also possesses stainless steel like properties. It is a hard metal which is skin friendly and waterproof. It is also very light weight & is in the spotlight for making jewelry. You can consider Titanium jewelry significantly as it would be there in your jewelry box for a very long duration.

6.     Palladium

How can we not talk about Palladium metal when talking about water-resistant jewelry? If you are building a new jewellery collection which is having a perfect sheen and doesn’t corrode or turn your skin green then go for this one. This metal contains 95% palladium and 5% ruthenium. You can easily find this jewelry either on an online jewelry shop or a local retailer.

Wrapping Up :
Gone are those days when putting on and off jewelry was the practice due to its care. The above-mentioned metals are there to make your life easy.

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