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Warm Weather Jewelry Essentials
Warm Weather Jewelry Essentials

Warm Weather Jewelry

Most of the time our fashion jewelry choices vary with the seasons. Certainly, you cannot wear toe rings in wintertime and so does in summers you may not carry a heavy necklace for long.

Well, summer is a great season for all types of ornaments. As you shed off clothing layers, you will feel more open to show off the glitz. Take full advantage of the changing weather and try these jewelry essentials this summer to maximize your look.

Toe Rings & Anklets:
Winters demand you hiding your feet, which makes the use of anklets and toe rings useless as you go out. You can wear them at home in a cozy environment. But the knee-high boots and wool socks take away this leverage. So, with the sun coming back on track, the sandals and open-toe heels also make a comeback. Now, your feet deserve extra care and special attention. Enhance their beauty with delicate and stunning toe rings and anklets.

For a monochromatic look, go for solid gold or sterling silver fashion jewelry. For a funky look, try something playful with charm anklets or colorful cubic zircons.

Ocean Inspired Motifs :
Be it sea life motifs or nautical jewelry, these ornaments are inspired from the beach. Summer calls for beach visits, so why not to dive deeper into designs inspired by open ocean and sailing. The necklaces and bracelets in rope textures and earrings with sailboat, anchors, seahorses, starfish, and turtle motifs to name a few are ideal items for sea lovers.

Another way to get the same nautical feel is to set your sights on striped patterns and color blocks – white, blue, yellow are amazing picks. As you hit the seashore, your beach-going jewelry style will synchronize you with nature.

Citrine Jewelry:
Summertime is all about sunshine and suntans and every time you think of sun you cannot resist thinking about citrines – the sunniest of all gems. Let yourself shine with them. Sunny citrine will surely brighten up your appearance every day, even during the winters.

Sunny days need you to appear brighter than ever and it needs you to count on citrines. Well, to bring out the sun-kissed tan, add a little yellow gold jewelry and gold vermeil to your attire.

Vivid Gemstones:
Wrap yourself in bright gemstones. With the winters coming to an end you do not only need to pack your mittens and coats, you should also say bye-bye to pale and dark tone jewelry. Brighten up your collection with some vibrant gemstones and sparkling enameled jewelry. Go color-crazy – incorporate solid and gleaming palettes with your lively wardrobe.

Opaques like turquoise, moonstone, and pink topaz, etc., are also a great pick. Cluster jewelry and multicolored styles are another fun way to create a more energetic and dynamic look.

Bottom Line:
Build your own style statements complementing the upcoming sunny and warm weather when you will be having more options to count on. For new fashion jewellery to make your summers more ravishing, don’t forget to get in touch with uclick.pk.

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