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Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe With 4 Style Staples
Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe With 4 Style Staples

Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe

Are you a boss lady? A c-suit professional?  Just entered the corporate world or already enjoying a well-established career? Wherever you are at this point of time, you always need a little work wardrobe to revamp that will make you look chic at work. Truly speaking, there isn’t any formula closet for dream office outfits. You need modern yet timeless fashion accessories for the ultimate workplace appearance.

1. Business-Ready Power Suit

Yes, the statement pantsuit is all about looking professional and powerful at work. Make sure your ultra-formal attire does not lack personality. Pastel hues and bold colors are quite common to display a daring and audacious persona. For a softer appearance, the tan and beige suits are perfect picks. All you need is to perfectly merge the softness of color with the sharpness of the cut. The trims, stripes and color accents are warmly welcomed now on the business scene.  

2. Statement Pearl Necklace

The strands of pearls are the female’s equivalent of the male’s red power tie. Fashion necklaces and specifically pearls pendants adorn working women everywhere. The ladies you see in international politics are often observed in their very own style statements with pearl necklaces. Accompanying your power business suites, fitted blazer for meetings and cocktail dress for corporate gatherings and fitted alike, the utter elegance of pearls around your neck will give you added confidence and motivation.

3. Custom Jacket with Strong Shoulders

When in a business meeting, you need to be a little more sober. For that moderate look, there is nothing quite like balanced and strong shoulders. The tailored jacket fulfills the purpose whenever you need to take a charge in work. A sleek blazer or coat with a minimalistic cut will perfectly flatter your figure to leave a powerful impact in the boardroom. Make sure your custom-made jacket fits you perfectly, so you don’t need to keep adjusting it for absolute comfort.     

4. Accessorize Yourself with A Sleek Watch

Just like pearl necklaces for girls go with everything, a statement watch will make your appearance more feminine yet streamlined. Select an extremely versatile and timeless piece to give your personality a classy and elegant touch. Whatever material (gold, silver, platinum, etc.) you choose, make sure it comes with the finest finish. Try an elegant and dainty pearl ring to create a wholesome, perfect look.

Pro Tip:
When it comes to business and formal wear, the monochrome ensemble that’s easy, chic and versatile is the most refined option for a sophisticated look. Try soft greys, beige and dusty pinks – your work wardrobe must have at least one single-tone, ready-to-go

With these work wardrobe choices, it’s no more a challenge to stay ready at all times. These must-have outfit essentials and fashion accessories will give you a seamless boss-lady style statement. Set high career goals and build a perfect wardrobe featuring the right suits, power blazers, pearl strands, watches and the right heels to stand tall in the competition and go ahead to achieve your goals.

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