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Top 8 Fashion Jewelry Mistakes You Should Stop Making From Today!
Top 8 Fashion Jewelry Mistakes You Should Stop Making From Today!

Fashion Jewelry

There would be no mistake to say that jewelry plays a significant role in enhancing one’s beauty and personality. Fashion jewelry is a symbol of status, wealth, and power. Some people believe that it is a form of creative expression or art. However, other people wear jewelry as part of their tradition or culture.  


Unfortunately, people make mistakes with their jewelry intentionally or unintentionally. It could be due to bad habits or lack of time, but most likely it is because of lack of information. 


Following are mistakes you are making even with your new fashion jewellery. This article will help you to stop repeating those mistakes for your own sake. Rectification of those mistakes will help you save money, time and make yourself look splendid!

  1. Wearing The Same Jewelry Every Day 

We, as human beings, slip into a habit effortlessly. You should change the habit of wearing the same piece of jewelry day in, day out and rarely taking that off for a couple of reasons.  


First of all, you should take your jewelry off to clean them with a soft bristle brush or warm soapy water.

Secondly, your personality will become boring by wearing the same jewelry, and nobody wants that. Buy jewelry online from an elegant and budget-friendly online store If you don’t have many jewelry pieces in your collection.  

  1. Not Being Creative With Accessories and Jewelry

Changing seasons is a great time to sit in front of your mirror, do some experiments with your jewelry, outfits, and other accessories in your wardrobe. You should be creative with combinations and make notes of what suits you. Notes help remember what works for you while getting ready for work, lunch, or any special occasion.

  1. Not Cleaning Your Jewelry 

This is the most crucial one. People don’t tend to clean their jewelry regularly which is a bad habit. General tarnish and grime leave a bad impression on others about yourself. Schedule a thorough clean of your jewelry twice a year or more, depending on how you wear and store your pieces. The great time to do this is the transition to cooler or warmer months of the year. 

  1. Using Inadequate Jewelry Cleaning Methods

You should be aware of the fact that all cleaning methods are not appropriate. Some can damage your precious and new jewelry collection permanently. Cleaning your sterling silver fashion jewelry with toothpaste, baking soda, or bicarb soda paste is the worst idea ever! It will deplete the metal and make pieces less valuable over time. Moreover, it is also the worst idea when it comes to alternatives of solid gold such as gold plated, gold-filled, gold vermeil. It’s better to avoid using harsh chemicals on your precious jewelry unless jewelry cleaning professionals recommend that chemical. 

  1. Not Clasping Fashion Necklaces After Taking Them Off 

Clasping necklaces after taking them off helps in preventing tangles in the chain. Untangling lengths of the chain takes a lot of time and it’s not a lot of fun. Here’s a trick for you. Putting one end of the necklace through the straw makes the tangling impossible for fashion necklaces

  1. Not Choosing Necklace Sets According to Your Neckline 

Think about different lengths and types of necklaces according to the neckline instead of wearing the same necklace over and over again. Making some variations with your necklace sets adds a lot more style and interest to your wardrobe. You should also have necklace extenders that help to vary the length of necklace sets you love to wear. 

  1. Wearing Jewelry During Swimming or Taking a Shower 

There are a couple of reasons to justify why you should not wear jewelry in water. 

  • First of all, wearing a piece of jewelry during the shower will make you lose that piece easily. 

  • Secondly, gemstone rings, necklaces, and earrings gum up by the residue of conditioner, shampoo, or soap which ruins the jewelry. 

  • Gemstones such as pearls and opal discolor and damage when they wet repeatedly.  

  • Chlorine used in jacuzzis and swimming pools discolors the silver and several other gemstones. 

Hence, it’s recommended not to wear any piece of jewelry during swimming. 

  1. Not Storing Your Jewelry Properly 

You should not store your jewelry in those places where there is humidity issue, such as washrooms. Sterling silver jewelry tarnishes at a swift pace in humidity places, leading to the fact that you will require more time to clean them. Also, you should not store your jewelry in such areas where there is free-flowing air. For your information, sterling silver jewelry tarnishes a lot quicker when it is left in the open air unworn. It’s better to store your delicate and precious jewelry in jewelry rolls, jewelry boxes, or small padded boxes. This practice limits the exposure to humidity and flowing air. Moreover, storing your jewelry appropriately helps to prevent tangling and scratching. Purchasing a dedicated jewelry box from a trustworthy online jewelry store would be the best idea!

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