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Tips-Sheet for Stacking Rings
Tips-Sheet for Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

What’s not to love about the stacked rings? All you need is to create an ideal ring stack without getting overwhelmed. For a stylish fashion jewelry ensemble, you may think you need to do a lot of work but this is not the case. With simple, fashion ramp inspired and Instagram trendy tips you can easily take your ring game to the next level.

Let’s make your ring stacking look more adorable with the following tips.

Pair Up Two Chunky Rings: 

Try alternate rings for a delicate and chunky look. Keep your ring game minimal and wear a personalized ring with your name engraved on it coupled with a simple metal or embroidered ring.

You can pair up any two rings engraved with any text you want to show off. You can also pair a twist chain ring with a solitaire. The key here is to wear them on different fingers and on different hands, allowing them to stand out.

Add Midi Rings to Your Stack:

Don’t want a cluttered stack? Replace one of the rings with a minimalistic midi ring. It will complement your stack with uniformity and depth. Your fingers will appear more elongated and you will be surprised by the overall stacking effect.

You can use a set of sparkles or a gold metallic set of plain and sleek rings. You can also play around with more than one midi rings.

Stacking the Similar Rings:

Quite a perfect choice for your everyday stacking. Try a set of 3-4 same rings together such as thin and elegant gold rings. You can try this combination in custom silver jewelry. You can stick to wearing all your dainty rings in the middle finger or separately on your pointer, middle, and ring fingers for everyday wear.

Make sure you create an asymmetrical look on each hand, else try this style for one hand only. For a prettier and more romantic look use rings with the same stones in different shapes.

Mix and Match Set of Rings :

Channel your funky, bohemian side with a set of crystal rings. For a more vintage-inspired, aesthetically unique look, try our stackable ring set featuring gold bands in different shapes and sizes.

Wear them together on one hand or make two pairs that fit finely on both hands. Incorporate more glam to it by wearing a sparkling bracelet that goes perfect with any modern or traditional outfit.

Prefer Same Metallic Finish :

Now, this is the key to keep your look safe from a mismatched, tacky appearance. Remember, it’s not necessary that sterling silver jewelry gets perfectly aligned with gold metallic fashion accessories.

You can choose different colored stones or various patterned rings, but their metal finish should be the same; for instance, stainless steel or rose gold, etc.

Bottom Line:
Don’t let your rings just sit in the jewelry box waiting to shine in your fingers again. Try the given ring stacking inspiration and create your own style statement.

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