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A Guide For Brides-To-Be To Pick The Perfect Fashion Jewelry
A Guide For Brides-To-Be To Pick The Perfect Fashion Jewelry

Perfect Fashion Jewelry

There would be no wrong to say that jewelry plays an essential role in our day-to-day lives and on special occasions. Every woman’s dream is to marry the person she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with. Obviously, she wants to look the best on her big day. Indeed, a woman cannot picture her wedding look without the right set of jewelry.  Talking of jewelry, the price of gold is touching the sky, and everyone cannot afford it. Therefore, most women are prone to artificial jewelry. They prefer to either go for 925 sterling jewelry or sterling silver fashion jewelry. 

Here are the few things women should keep in mind to accessorize their wedding day attire.  

Opt For Offbeat Jewelry Options 

You can try to wear a delicate sterling silver chain instead of diamond trinkets or white gold necklace sets. This perfect piece of ornament adorns your beautiful neck and will make people ask you about your exquisite taste in jewelry. Silver jewels are cost-effective as compared to white gold or diamond. Such jewels give the bride a simple, lightweight, and sober look.   

Maintain The Balance of Colors 

By this, we mean to say that make sure your wedding dress compliments the jewelry you are planning to wear on your big day. Try to maintain a sufficient balance between the color of the wedding dress, jewelry, and makeup. For example, pearl or rose gold jewelry looks best with blush pink wedding gowns. Silver or platinum jewelry looks best with a white gown. Gold jewelry goes well with a red wedding dress. You can also head towards top-notch fashion designers for consultation. 

Keep The Neckline of Your Dress in Mind While Choosing Ornaments 

Brides who prefer V-neck wedding dresses are advised to wear a diamond pendant or a simple necklace. Furthermore, it is best to wear a choker-style necklace if the bride is going to wear a strapless sweetheart neckline on her special day. In addition, brides should go for a fantastic hairdo and decorate their hairdo with pretty accessories if they are going to wear a halter neck on their big day. 

Strike Balance Between Comfort and Accessories 

Don’t live by the quote “ beauty is pain,” especially on the biggest day of your life. Brides are advised to wear jewels that they are comfortable wearing and do not feel itchy on their skin. If your necklace is heavy in weight, make sure to wear lightweight earrings. 

Less is The New More 

Last but certainly not least, never go overboard with your jewelry, not even with your wedding dress. It is best not to wear a trinket because you look clumsy when you wear it. Instead, try to wear diamond chandelier fashion earrings made up of sterling silver fashion jewelry. Furthermore, bold statement jewelry pieces suit well with simple bridal attire. The main emphasis is on balance. Hence you should always wear such jewelry that suits your skin tone, goes well with your dress, and complements you, not vice versa. 


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