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Stacked Jewelry Look with No Overdone
Stacked Jewelry Look with No Overdone

Stacked Jewelry Look

Every season has its own demands. In winters, layering clothing isn’t a big deal. But, to create a stacked jewelry look is a tricky thing to do. Often, women look overly done with the layer jewelry – completely draws away people’s attention from the outfit you are wearing. Even the wedlock events don’t call for heavy and too much ornaments though a lot people endorse it as the need of time. Well, it isn’t by any means.

Minimalism is the key for an elegant appearance. You can have fun wearing fashion jewelry depending on your age and occasions – teenagers at a prom party. Generally, stacked and layered ornaments look adorable when not overdone.

Let’s take a look how you can create this amazing look.

Long Necklace:
A long pendant necklace is a great choice that goes perfect with nearly all sorts of dresses – be it a V-neck, bateau or even a high neck. It never lets you down ever; no matter the event and how complex the design of the outfit you are wearing. You can wrap it twice about your wrist like a bracelet. Pick this sort of dual-purpose necklaces wisely.

Beaded Necklace:
Color coordination is certainly a thing of most of women. You need to be courageous enough to go for anything contrasting your outfit – not a bad choice though. Layer a few of your favorite beaded necklaces of the coordinating shades You can also twist the beaded strands or pair a long-beaded necklace with a pendant to create an alluring look.

Metal Bangles:
For a more contemporary charm, pile on a few bangles of different metals. The contrasting bangles will go with your every outfit. If you are not much fond of bangles and want to have a more sophisticated style, then get a textured look with chunky bracelets – may be thin cuff bracelets.

Stackable Rings:
Not a new trend, but kind of evergreen thing for the teens in particular who want to give their funky aesthetic an incredible boost. Try a simple yet sleek set of rings like gold metallic bands either on your hand fingers or forefoot. Wearing a few rings in diverse styles on one finger is also a fun thing to do.

Multi Strand Pearls:
Strand(s) of pearls never goes wrong when it comes to a stacked jewelry look. You can also wrap a long strand of baroque or sculptural pearls around the neck to be a real stunner. If not pearls, then Rani haar you can say is another pretty good option.

Create your own style statement with layered jewelry – mix and match for the most fascinating looks.

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