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Some Worthy Information about Necklace Features
Some Worthy Information about Necklace Features

Necklace Features

A necklace is a jewelry item that you usually wrap around the neck. This practice has been common for ages. This worthy jewelry item is considered a significant part of the style. Today, you can find several neckpieces of different designs and materials. 


While purchasing this jewelry item, do you consider its features? Let me shed light on what necklace features are. Its features or parts include foundation, clasps, and ornaments. This piece of writing will revolve around the necklace’s features. By the end of this article, you will have plenty of information about the necklace which will help you in purchasing it. 


Let’s begin. 


  • Foundation

Simply put, the foundation is such a part of a necklace set which we usually wear around the neck. It is the chain or cord having embellishments and ornaments. It is made up of either metal, gemstones, or beads. In the subsequent section, we will discuss the metal chains or cords.  


  • Metal Chains

Some renowned metal chains include stainless steel, gold, sterling silver and titanium, etc. A variety of designs are available of the metal chains having unique designs. It is totally up to you to decide which type of metal chain you want. You can select the chain type as per occasion, outfit, and your personality. 


Furthermore, before investing in the desired chain, just take into account its length. If you are interested in buying a choker necklace then its length would be between 14-16 inches. Whereas a princess length necklace is between 16-18 inches. 


Moreover, if you wish to wear a long necklace then go for a Matinee length of 20-22 inches. Apart from that, the length of the opera necklace is 24 to 28 inches while the rope necklace is 30 inches and more. 


  • Clasps

Clasps, also known as fasteners are usually at the back of the necklace to tie up the necklace around the neck. Just have a look at the types of clasps. 


  • Spring clasp is the most common type of clasp which is shaped like a ring or a circle. To open the clasp, you’ll need to draw back a small lever attached to it with the help of a spring mechanism. While it is a low-cost clasp that performs admirably, it can be a pain to fasten.

  • The fish hook clasp looks like a metal fish hook. It fits into an oval-shaped box and is perfect for necklaces that aren’t too heavy. It is, nevertheless, a relatively uncommon clasp.

  • Toggle Clasp is such a necklace clasp that is easy and secured to use. You just need to put the bar into the ring and twist it. 


  • Ornaments

Finally, talking about the third feature of a necklace which is embellishments or ornaments. These are usually the fancy items that are attached to the necklace to enhance its appearance. 


  • Beads and Stones

The embellishments include gemstones, beads, and other materials, etc. the beaded necklaces sit down with the necklaces fabricated from either little or huge beads on the market in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes, and even patterns. Often, the beaded necklaces include pearls, gemstones, metal, seashells, plastic, or picket beads.


There are numerous fashion necklaces styles available. Some can have different sizes of beads and stones. So, taking these styling choices into thought, you may realize that the beaded necklaces look elegant, or perhaps just a daring statement item. 


When all is said and done

After having an insight about necklace features, we hope that your necklace buying journey will also become smooth. If you want to purchase statement necklaces then visit www.uclick.pk and check out their neckpiece collection.

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