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Some Historical Facts About Anklets
Some Historical Facts About Anklets

Historical Facts

What makes anklets so desirable?

Like bracelets, these are round ornaments but females wear them on foot. This jewelry type is amazing and catchy to wear. These come up in various designs and styles. Females opt this frequently and carry this accessory elegantly.

Now, we would like to know the origination of anklets. To know about it, you have to read this document till the end.

History of Anklets

All jewelry objects have a history. Anklets are one of them. Its history takes us back to 6000 B.C. It was an era of predynastic. At that time, there was use of precious stones and metals to craft anklets. They wore it to show off their social status. For slaves, there were leather anklets.

Ancient Indian & South Asian Culture

It wasn’t only Ancient Mesopotamia where anklets were famous. Besides that, South Asian and Indian females had updated their fashion sense with such jewelry items. Their favorite designs were dangling. Another reason to carry this item was to notify their husbands about their presence.

Eastern Asia

Moving ahead to Eastern Asian culture, a famous type of anklet was Pattilu. Females were fond of this. Today, we know this anklet as a barefoot anklet. It has a series of dangling strings which are attached with toe rings. All this information helps us know the significance of anklets at that time.

Anklets in America

Like Egyptians, South Asians, Americans started wearing anklets in the 1950s. It became very much renowned as the prominent jewelry type. Many women put it on as a part of culture. As of the 1970s, it became much more famous as a fashion accessory. Additionally, handmade jewelry also made its way that time.

Anklets in Contemporary Times

In earlier times, Indian women used to carry anklets to indicate that they are married. On the other hand, Ancient Egyptians carried it to show their status. But in contemporary times, disregarding all the myths, they carry it neutrally.

Today, females wear anklets all over the world.

This important part of jewelry comes in various materials and designs. Some people carry it since it symbolizes luck. On the beach or a party, females consider it a perfect accessory for the barefoot. It doesn’t matter which material you use for the anklet, it should be compatible with the dress and the event.

On which Foot You Should Carry It?

It doesn’t make any difference on which ankle you carry it. The trend is to wear it on both feet. It is a bit odd to carry it on a single foot. But fashionistas today are wearing it on a single foot.

Anklet Styles

After going through some historical facts of anklets, we will discuss some prominent styles of it.

1. Gold Anklet

Gold anklets are a symbol of luxury. It not only signifies quality but social status as well. If you tend to opt it then simply you are adding flair to your grace. Carry it on your noted events or other parties. It is also available in white gold or pink gold. So, carry it as per your outfit color.

2. Silver Anklet

Apart from gold, silver is the material which is friendly to carry. It is not only skin-friendly but available at a fair price as well. Sterling silver jewelry is trending nowadays. Wearing a silver anklet gives a perfect look. Since its shimmery-white hue looms eye-catching.

Take-Away Message

After reading some worthwhile information about anklets, we hope you will tend to buy it. Go nowhere but Uclick.pk and find out an amazing collection of anklets. Grab your desired piece and flaunt it on the dated events.

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