Silver Vs Sterling Silver. Which to Choose?
Silver Vs Sterling Silver. Which to Choose?

Silver Vs Sterling Silver

Jewelry has become a significant part of women’s beauty. They don’t consider their look complete without wearing it. If we look back at previous decades, fine jewelry was in the limelight. But this decade brought in the trend of fashion jewelry. Both jewelry types have their own significance.

Who doesn’t want to wear gold or diamond jewelry?

But every person has not enough buying power to be a wearer of it. Then comes costume jewelry which is the same in appearance like fine jewelry and is also affordable. In this document, we will shed light on the merits of silver and sterling silver jewelry. By the end of the script, it would be easier for you to decide which one to choose.


Ø  Silver jewelry is categorized as fine jewelry and has been in trend since ages. Silver is a precious metal and is preferred by females.

Ø  Pure silver has 99% of silver mixed with 1% another element and is also known as fine silver. Silver in its purest form often contains .999 or .999FS stamps.

Ø  Silver jewelry is white in color, shiny and light in weight.

Ø  Fine silver is a hypoallergenic material. Females who have sensitive skin can easily wear silver jewelry. It doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

Ø  Silver is a delicate and malleable material and can change its form when come in contact with other metals. That is why some percentage of other metals are also added to make it more durable.

Ø  Silver jewelry doesn’t get tarnished very easily when exposed to environmental conditions. But still, you have to follow a jewelry cleaning routine to maintain it for a long period of time. You just need a high-quality jewelry cleaning solution with a cloth. Gently apply the solution on jewelry to remove all sorts of dirt.

Ø  Pure silver is pricey, but not too much. You have to spend a little extra as compared to costume jewelry to buy it.

Ø  Look for any credible silver jewelry store and you will find a variety of designs. Just select the silver jewelry items of your choice and look flawless.

Sterling Silver

Ø  This 925 silver jewelry is considered as a part of fashion jewelry.

Ø  Sterling silver is an alloy of silver. It comprises 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% is an amount of other metals.

Ø  It has an optimal shiny appearance and is light weight as well.

Ø  Due to the high amount of silver, it is considered as a hypoallergenic material but some traces of other metals like nickel or copper could cause some reaction. 

Ø  Sterling silver is a strong material and these jewelry pieces don’t change their shape or form effortlessly.

Ø  Like silver, sterling silver doesn’t need much maintenance. It is still advised to clean the jewelry before storing it.

Ø  Those ladies who don’t buy silver jewelry due to budget issues could go for sterling silver jewelry.

Ø  It is available in a wide collection of designs and styles and is conveniently found in local shops or an Online Jewelry Store. Always check the .925 stamps on these items before buying.

Bottom Line:
Both metals have their merits and now it is up to you to purchase either silver or sterling silver jewelry or even both – depending what you want and what your pocket allows. For more beautiful designs must visit the best online jewelry store Pakistan.

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