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Always Purchase Nickel and Lead-Free Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry – Here’s Why!
Always Purchase Nickel and Lead-Free Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry – Here’s Why!

Fashion Jewelry

There would be no wrong in saying that jewelry has played an essential role in our lives since time immemorial. Decorating bodies with different accessories is part of human identity and has significantly evolved over the years. 

Do you know Monaco found the earliest piece of jewels approximately 25,000 years ago? That piece of ornament was made up of bones. In the prior years, jewelry was made up of stones, shells, and bones. Now that the world is getting modern with the passage of time, jewels are manufactured using metals, diamonds, cloth, and synthetic materials. 

In recent times, most of the famous designers across the globe made sterling silver jewelry for their luxury brands, making it more striking looking and valuable metal. The attire and appearance of artificial ornaments ignite when they are paired with brilliant gemstones. But there is one thing that women should always keep in mind that they should always wear nickel and lead-free trinkets.

Why? Let’s find out.   

Why Should You Buy Lead and Nickel-Free Jewelry? 

Following are the damages that nickel or lead cause. Let’s have a look at each one of them: 

  • Nickel causes allergic burns on women’s delicate skin. It is known as an agent of cancer and is a recognized carcinogen. Therefore one should not buy lead and nickel-free ornaments. 

  • According to doctors and specialists, lead, or nickel-based bijouterie causes terminal illnesses. 

  • Wearing nickel or lead-based trinkets can result in dry skin, itchiness, and patches. This should not be taken for granted as it can get dangerous over time. 

  • Lead causes poisoning from skin exposure. Ornaments are small enough that even a child can put them in his mouth. Then children suffer from fatigue, tremors, and diarrhea if he does that. That is why women who have children in their house or mothers should always get their hands on bijouterie that does not include lead and nickel. 

  • Some severe afflictions which are associated with lead poisoning include premature birth, memory loss, miscarriage, declining mental health, and mood swings.   

How to Ensure That You are Purchasing Nickel and Lead-Free Sterling Silver Jewelry? 

It is crucial to know how you can ensure that you are purchasing nickel and lead-free silver jewels. 

Let’s have a look at the following points that will prove to be helpful for you. 

  • Most utmost first-world countries prohibit the use of lead and nickel in making silver jewels. The best practice is to always check the product label to make sure that the piece of bijouterie is nickel or lead-free. Terms such as “lead-free”, “nickel free” or “hypoallergenic” will be mentioned on the label. 

  • You can get nickel and lead testing done on a piece of bijouterie if you do not trust the label or the store. This helps to ensure that fashion jewelry is lead and nickel-free.

  • Established brands with good credibility and reputation manufacture fabulous products. Those brands might sell expensive products but they sell lead and nickel-free ornaments. 

Grand and elegant silver bijouterie are available in abundance. However, everyone should be careful while buying artificial ornaments. Consideration of long-term benefits is more crucial in this present age than saving time and money. 


Women need to buy nickel and lead-free accessories, especially if their skin is susceptible.  Women should read the jewelry label carefully before purchasing it to deter any sort of ambiguity or health issues. When it comes to purchasing jewels, women should always perform thorough research and deep analysis of bijouterie stores so that they can buy some splendid pieces.  Moreover, women should purchase ornaments from some well-established stores so that they get their hands on lead and nickel-free jewels. 


Indeed, women have been prone to online shopping since the pandemic outbreak. As a result, businesses of this tech-oriented world are also heading towards online platforms. 


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