Problems Retailers Face While Running an Online Jewelry Store (With Solutions)!
Problems Retailers Face While Running an Online Jewelry Store (With Solutions)!

Problems Retailers Face While Running an Online Jewelry Store (With Solutions)

Did you know that according to researchers and analysts, the revenue in the global jewelry market was approximately $293 billion back in the year 2019? However, the figure is evolving by leaps and bound with the advent of trendy ornaments and technological innovations. An immense amount of businesses and retailers are moving towards cyberspace, considering the advancements encountering on this globe on a regular basis.

Correct me if I am wrong; nothing is as smooth as butter. No matter what you are doing or heading towards, challenges and hurdles always come in the way. So let’s have a look at the challenges that retailers face while developing an online store.

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Problem #1 Higher Return Rates

Higher return rates are the most common problem that online stores all across the globe face. There can be several reasons due to which this problem occurs, such as the wrong size of the item, color does not compliment the dress it was intended to wear with, gemstones lacking the expected clarity, and the list goes on and on. Some store owners include high return fees to recoup some of the costs, so the return of the goods comes at the buyer’s expense.


Set proper return conditions and mention them on your online store so that customers can flick through them before purchasing anything and understand the policy upfront. Also, make sure to utilize trustworthy shipping companies to sell ornaments online from home and decrease the risks of the return. Moreover, you can take positive steps in case you are getting customer returns, such as you can offer them a discount on a second purchase or offer favorable terms for exchanging the goods.


Problem #2 Must Have a Look Before Purchase

Most of the customers who are interested in online shopping need to explore all facets of a piece of the ornament before deciding whether they will purchase the item or not. So the question arises: How to sell artificial jewelry online without having to set up a brick-and-mortar location or disappointing customers?


Add a video showcasing each and every corner of the item, add a high-quality video, or include a 360-degree view of the product under each item displayed on your online store. In addition, you can even include “view size” options or implement a virtual try-on experience platform where your potential customers can experience how the ring fits on different fingers.


Problem #3 Fraudulent Activities

Needless to say, fraudulent activities are evolving at a swift pace in this modern age of the tech-oriented world. The jewelry industry is the industry where illicit activities usually occur. Thieves and swindlers are constantly attacking online and local jewelry stores to rob expensive pieces and make money out of them. Cyberattacks can never be stopped, but at least they can be dodged. Now you must be wondering how you can minimize your risk, avoid such trouble and assure credibility to your potential customers?


First and foremost, have gemologists who authenticate the jewelry pieces that you are offering to your customers. They will help you in detecting illicit activities. Moreover, they will help to produce proof that a returned product is indeed the original piece of ornament. In addition, retailers who are running online jewelry store should hire a qualified appraiser for the evaluation of the jewels. Also, they should include certificates for all jewelry pieces, documented evidence, PDF form will be better.


Problem #4 Relying Relationships

It is the utmost responsibility of the retailers to give their clients exactly what they want. Buyers usually count on a tailor-made approach. Are you wondering what that means? I got your back. Provide propositions for special days, track user activities to analyze their preferences, and send them personal invitations via mail. But the question is, how retailers should develop a transparent bond and bond of trust between them and their customers?


Retailers should integrate CRM as it helps in improving user management. The utilization of such systems will never let a brand forget about its customers. Moreover, retailers should use gift card extensions so that they will be able to additionally manage gift card service at ease with a no-hassle customer experience. In addition, they should incorporate the “track your order” feature to enhance their brand’s credibility to their customers, and streamline the entire shipping process.


Final Verdict

Without the shadow of any doubt, the online jewelry business along with the entire eCommerce market is flourishing, and it yields immense profits. Given that the online ornament industry has not been saturated and that people already know how to develop an online jewelry store, it is high time to act! Those who are interested in developing an online jewelry store and are beginners should build their website on giants such as Shopify eCommerce platform, Magento, etc. Most importantly, retailers should make sure that your online shop is in good hands.

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Hence, challenges come in the way of everything, but those challenges should not be the reason for a person to give up. Hence, people should do research and gather knowledge while building an online store. Moreover, people who are interested in online shopping should also do proper research and analysis of the entire web store before purchasing anything.

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