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Pearl Strands: 4 Must-Have Styles in Your Collection
Pearl Strands: 4 Must-Have Styles in Your Collection

Pearl Strands

A pearl necklace is the most timeless piece to express your personality. The right necklace makes your outfit more charming – instantly drawing people’s attention towards you. We bring you the most popular styles of pearl strands that will surely elevate your appearance with the absolute refinement of your ensemble.

1.   Pearl Pendants

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, pearl pendants are one of the most versatile types of fashion jewelry. Be it an unadorned, minimalist baroque pearl, antique gold pearl pendant, pearl pendant encrusted with diamonds and modern pearl brooch pendant, etc., the selection of chain is equally important as the pearl. Always get a high-quality chain to create a harmonious jewelry piece.

You can select a gold or silver chain or any other material such as woven cord, rubber rope, and even leather – it’s all about your preference, but make sure it should complement your pearl pendant type. 

Pearl pendant is an ideal choice for a casual lifestyle because it looks wonderful with everything from maxi and gowns to tees and jeans.    

2.   Matinee Pearl Necklaces

Matinee pearl necklaces with an easy-to-drape length of 22-23 inches are truly a classic piece of jewelry perfect for both formal events and to wear with casual outfits. It complements every style from the simplest high collar and a closed neck winter outfits to chic summer dresses such as wrap maxi, high-low midi cocktails and strappy sheath dress to name a few. It greatly flaunts the modern look even in muted colors you wear.

You may hear people saying this pearl necklace is for conservative wardrobes or preferred by the aged women only. It’s a wrong perception indeed. It looks amazingly youthful on teenagers, especially when paired with a pearl pendant or a choker. 

Women of every age should have this pearl necklace-type in her new Jewellery collection because its attention-grabbing length will surely turn the heads to adore your personality.

3.   Pearl Choker Necklaces

One of the most adaptable jewelry pieces, chokers with a standard length of 14-16 inches. You must find the ideal length, which means the necklace should lie closely against your throat base. A Choker necklace that easily fits in the hollow of the throat is comfortable enough to breathe easily.

Wear it in a conventional style with formal attires like open neck tops and off-the-shoulder dress for a more breathtaking effect. You can also wear it with your casual attire such as weave tank dress, and deep or v-neck outfits, etc. Well, it’s not the thing for office environment unless you are meeting corporates – use minimal design though a pearl pendant or matinee pearl necklace is a more suitable pick.

Pearl chokers complement long, slender necks compared to short necks, but with the right pearls size and shape it adorns the both. For instance, a thin choker with small pearls will suit a wide or short neck. So, select wisely.

4.   Multi-Layered Pearl Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a great way to show off your beautiful pearl collection – giving you a wholesome look. There’s no better way to create a charming look than wearing opera length multilayered pearl necklaces. It perfectly complements single-color outfits and simple attires like a classic robe dress.

Combined with metal chains and other accessories like choker you can have a bohemian look. Combine a pearl choker with a rope necklace or lariat to liven up a formal outfit for a more dramatic appearance. 

You can double up the charm by wearing layered necklaces with multicolor pearls. Choose trendy colors and you will look more stylish and elegant.

Let’s Wrap Up:
Bringing you a great deal of versatility, timelessness, and class, pearl necklaces are the best of all jewelry types that best match your style and budget. Browse the stunning assortment of pearl fashion accessories at uclick.pk and enjoy a flawless online jewelry shopping experience.

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