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Parameters to Select the Right Necklace Length
Parameters to Select the Right Necklace Length

Right Necklace Length

Choosing the right fashion necklaces essentially depends on the pendant design and size. But there is another important factor that needs to be addressed to make your necklace purchase process more exciting and valuable. And, that’s the chain length which is necessary to be considered that fits multiple factors besides your personal style and outfit.

Five chain lengths are available in the market that are the industry standard for women. The necklace lengths change their position on the body, thereby it’s important to choose the right necklace length to best exhibit your jewelry. Make sure it suits your body type and facial frame, bedside accentuating your outfit. 

Factors to consider while choosing the chain length :
Your personal preferences aside, the first step in selecting the necklace length is to know about the standard sizes available for men and women. It ranges from 14 to 22 inches for women and 18 to 24 inches for men. ‘

Here’s the even-inch women necklace chain lengths and where they will fall on a female body. 

      14″ necklace will wrap closely around your neck like a choker. 


    16″ necklace will sit around your neck base like a collar. It may fall at your collarbone if you are slim and smart, else it may take the position like a choker around your neck.

      18″ necklace is the most commonly used length that will sit elegantly on your collarbone.

      20″ necklace positions just below your collarbone.

      22″ necklace sits at or just above the bustline.

Whatever necklace length you pick, it should complement not only your outfit, but physique as well. Depending on this parameter, there are certain body features such as your height, body type, and neck size, etc., you must consider to select the correct necklace chain length.  

Neck Size:
This factor is important to notice while purchasing choker necklaces for girls. All you need is a measuring tape and wrap it gently around your neck to determine its size. Now, add two inches to the measurement you get and that will be a comfortable necklace length for chokers – these necklaces work the best for women with long necks.

Height greatly flatters your body type and while selecting the perfect necklace chain you should not overlook this factor. 16-20” necklace lengths look best on women between 5”– 5’4” height because long chain necklaces tend to overwhelm females with short height. Taller women with heights more than 5’4” can wear any length. Long chained necklaces accentuate the tall frame and therefore, looks the best on taller women. 

Body Type:
Your body type is another factor that will grab people’s attention to where your necklace ends. So, it all depends on you what length you choose. For instance, too slim women will look great with long and thin or layered chain necklaces. The kind of necklace chain that falls below the bustline will not hang properly on a full-figured woman, so they must stay away from it. Instead, try an 18-20” inch chain length that will sit slightly higher on such body type. 

Face Shape:
Your face shape is an important factor to decide which chain length will actually help accentuate your facial features. For instance, choker isn’t a good choice for a woman with a round face because it will highlight the facial roundness and she may look fat. Chokers or any short chain necklace looks amazing on heart shaped faces. Women with oval faces can wear any length, shape and type of chain necklace.    

Por Tip: The standard chain lengths don’t include the pendant size; therefore, you should consider an additional 1-2 inches for the pendant hanging from the chain you choose.

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