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Pair The Right Fashion Jewelry With Your Sensitive Skin
Pair The Right Fashion Jewelry With Your Sensitive Skin

Fashion Jewelry With Your Sensitive Skin

Anything other than pure gold is off the table when it comes to irritation-free accessorizing.  Make sure whatever you get from an online jewelry store is less likely to cause skin problems. It’s pretty uncommon with fashion jewelry because most people seldom know what metals they might be allergic to.

Typical Signs of Sensitive Skin:
Skin sensitivities are natural, and there are some typical signs to determine when skin gets irritated with a particular thing. People with sensitive skin may experience any of the two commonly occurring reactions. If you have an allergic reaction, your skin will get irritated, and you will see flaking, redness, burning, and even wetness of the skin. Another sign of allergic reaction is the appearance of little, tiny bumps under your skin, causing itching.

What Type of Jewelry is Best for Delicate Skin?
It depends on what types of materials can cause skin reactions. Nickel is the number one culprit in artificial jewelry that can irritate your skin or create an allergic reaction. Any cross reactant to this metal like cobalt can worsen the situation. And often, you will find these metals in silver ornaments compared to platinum and pure gold. You can get the best silver jewelry online, but better invest in fine jewelry to avoid the allergens in these items that react to certain metals. You can prevent using silver family if your skin is allergic to nickel but can get white gold.

Wear Trouble-Free Ornaments!
Fashion jewelry is a beautiful and affordable way to express yourself. However, these attractive pieces will be a big NO if they leave blistering, rashes or redness, etc., behind. Simply put, allergens in any metal don’t react to all skins but the specific one. So if you have that kind of skin, be particular about jewelry selection.

Here are some tips and advice to follow while selecting the right jewelry for your sensitive skin.

Determine your skin sensitivities:
Skin irritation and allergies occur when your skin is exposed to certain elements. It means even healthy skin can get allergic reactions when it comes in contact with metals used in artificial jewelry. The skin exposure to different components and its response differs from individual to individual. As a result, many people may have different or similar skin responses or allergies. At the same time, many individuals may show 100% resistance to skin reactions even if they wear ornaments containing alloys or low-quality matters.

Nickel is the most offending element. If you are allergic to it or any other metal (iron, brass, etc.), always double-check the pieces bought from an artificial jewellery shop. Restrain from getting anything manufactured with allergy-causing items. It’s either unwearable on sensitive skin or wearable but not for an extended period because the skin reaction could get worse over time.

Avoid wearing costume jewelry:
Costume jewelry is a big NO for people with sensitive skin. This is mainly because of nickel used in this kind of jewelry. Now, how could you know that costume jewelry contains allergic elements? It is an open fact that costume jewelry is made to wear with current fashion trends and often contains inexpensive material. The tell-tale signs of cheap and allergic-causing metals used in these ornaments compared to silver and gold are that it leaves brown or greenish stains on the skin where it lies. And the process quickens when these materials encounter water.

Finger rings, for example, can turn your greenish skin, while in the case of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, these metals can cause rashes and minor irritations. However, if not noticed and treated timely, the nickel dermatitis often associated with costume jewelry can result in more severe infections.

Jewelry needs equal care as your skin:
Take care of your fashion jewelry if you want to protect your skin from metal reactions, allergies, and infections. Maintain good hygiene. Keep your skin and artificial jewelry that you wear every day clean and tidy. Everything you wear regularly or otherwise collects dirt and other buildups from soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc. It needs to be washed in a solution meant for jewelry cleaning. It is essential to clean every kind of jewelry from time to time –at least once a week.

Soak your items in the jewelry cleaning solution and leave for a few minutes. You can use a regular toothbrush (should be clean and unused) to remove the buildup that remained on the small details of your items after soaking in the cleaning liquid. Moreover, it is highly recommended to wash your skin with skin protection, mild cleanser if you are a jewelry wearer and your skin is prone to allergies; even if not, you should keep your skin clean and healthy.

Not all metals are highly reactive:
Since metals used in fashion jewelry are not created equal, their reaction to the skin will vary. As discussed earlier, if you have super sensitive skin, then you might find difficulty in wearing sold gold even – just for example.   So, what could be the possible reaction of your delicate and allergy-prone skin when you wear stainless steel containing harmful elements? So, make sure that it is made up of surgical stainless steel while purchasing artificial jewelry online. And that it is pure steel without the inclusion of skin-offending material such as nickel and cobalt, causing skin problems.

The best bet for your pre-loved jewelry items that are made from nickel is that you can get it plated in some other metal like platinum. So, always ask your jeweler to plate your artificial jewelry (or confirm if items are platinum or gold plated) with platinum. It is an excellent option for sensitive skin holders because this metal is naturally hypoallergenic.

Last but not least is to confirm the material used in hooks and clasps. At times, you may get high-quality jewelry, but the clasps and hooks are made from low-grade elements to save manufacturing costs. Therefore, while buying ornaments, especially online from any jewelry accessories store like ours uclick.pk, be sure that clasps and hooks are made up of stainless steel or niobium (an inert element with high corrosion resistance), which you can wear safely – no metal allergies.

Take Away! Get high-end-looking, plated fashion jewelry to protect your skin from allergic reactions.

Final Thoughts:

Wearing jewelry should be a pleasant experience. So, avoid skin problems by wearing the correct type of quality items complementing your outfit and protecting you from skin damage. So, improvise your future buying choices, especially if you have sensitive skins with these tips.

Love fashion jewelry? Go for irritation-free accessorizing

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