Online Jewelry Shopping Guide for Punjabi Brides
Online Jewelry Shopping Guide for Punjabi Brides

Jewelry Shopping Guide For Punjabi Brides

If you belong to the subcontinent, you must be familiar with the fact that Punjabi weddings are elaborate and over the top. No one in that region expects a Punjabi bride to be anything less than elaborate. The way how a Punjabi bride carries herself with sophistication and elan is commendable. Everyone is a true representation of how a dream bride should dress up on the biggest event of her life, the wedding day. She radiates from outside and within, doing complete justice to her collected attire for the wedding day.

Most of the time, Punjabi brides are blessed with heirloom pieces of ornaments, and bridal outfits passed down to them from their ancestors. Yet, having some additions to the already existing fantastic ideas of some compelling jewelry combinations and outfits, we are elucidating some remarkable options to help you achieve something bizarre.

So without any further delay, let’s dive right into each one of them before you head towards the online jewelry store in Pakistan. Stick with us.


Pastel Lehenga and Meenakari Jewelry

Meenakari jewelry is the best pick if you want to play safe and still look gorgeous on your wedding day. Pastel shades are incredibly famous for desi brides in the present age, which look stunning when a bride chooses to wear a meenakari jewelry set with it. A meenakari set that matches the outfit of the bride would give an extremely beautiful and stunning look. Most probably, if you choose to acquire this style on your wedding day, most of the other brides also imitate your style and make you a style icon.


Maroon Patiala Suit and Triple-Layered Jewelry

Talking of this style, you can put this style together in two different ways:

Either it can be one piece of necklace with three layers of beads, emeralds, and a huge pendant.

Or you can add individual pieces of necklaces over a Maroon Patiala suit.

Punjabi brides can wear other ornaments such as maang tikka, Nath, earrings, and even haath phool in the same pattern. This probably seems an unusual way of putting a bridal look together. However, it is guaranteed that the bride will look unique, stunning, and apart from the rest if she prefers to own this style. Hence, women should do a proper search, analysis, and planning before visiting any online jewelry store in Pakistan.


Peach Lehenga and Polki Jewelry

Without the shadow of any probability, Punjabi brides have a fun and punky factor about them. Taking that fact under consideration, they should never think twice and choose to wear a peach-colored lehenga choli set adorned with Polki jewelry that has vibrant red beaded layered threads. This will result in a lovely outcome, and the bride will not look less than a queen on her wedding day. Women should consider purchasing Polki jewelry when they are heading towards any artificial jewelry shop.


Pista Green with Golden Embroidery Lehenga and Statement Gold Bangles

Green color and its different shades are on the tongue’s tip of every woman especially when it comes to her wedding day. No matter it’s about makeup, dress, ornaments, or other accessories, the green color seems to be extremely promising. Talking of this compelling color, the pista green lehenga with gold sequin work over it gives a stunning look to any Punjabi bride. Women who are planning to wear pista green lehenga on their wedding day should go for chunky and statement golden bracelets, bangles, and kadas to do justice to the dress. So don’t forget to grab a couple of statement gold bangles during online jewelry shopping.


Anarkali Style Dress and Choker Necklace Set

Women should go for Anarkali-style dresses if they really want to look grand and make themselves feel like a queen. Among all the existing bridal dress categories, Anarkali dresses are the most comfortable dress a bride can wear on her big day. Wear a red Anarkali suit with a choker necklace set which you can purchase from any online jewelry store to give this ethnic look a glam touch. Remember one thing: the more comfortable you are, the more beautiful you will look on your wedding day.


Desi Patiyala Suit and Pasa

What else can be more Punjabi than a Patiala suit? There would be no wrong in saying that the Patiyala suit looks amazing not only on the Punjabi bride but also on the bride’s cousins, friends, and relatives. But how can you level up a simple desi Patiyala suit? Choosing a Passa to go with it would look much more divine and different if you prefer to wear it instead of wearing typical bangles and necklaces only.  The combination of gold and pearl Pasa with a rani pink suit would undoubtedly look stunning. Therefore, women should get their hands on Pasa during online jewelry shopping.



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