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How To Buy Gorgeous Jewelry & SAVE Money All Together?
How To Buy Gorgeous Jewelry & SAVE Money All Together?

Gorgeous Jewelry

The most flaunting thing for nearly all women is gorgeous and affordable jewelry. However, something beautiful and low-budget is quite hard to find. It may seem difficult to buy jewelry online or at a physical store when you are on a budget. But, do not despair because every cloud has a silver lining. You can save money, and a lot of money, on all kinds of jewelry. Are you ready for our wonderful tips? Here we go!

It’s quite normal for high-income people to wear exclusive, high end pieces. Also, celebrities can afford the real diamonds or designer jewelry that can cost tens of thousands dollars.  If you have this much budget, lucky you. But, if you are just like us and cannot spend much on such jewelry, then continue reading.

First thing first; do extensive homework.

If you are clueless about the latest jewelry arrivals and their price tags, you are more likely to waste your money.

Here is a little help we bring you to save money on ornaments.

Save on Gold Jewelry:

  • Choose a small-size jewel or gem

  • Settle on 18K instead of 21 or 24K

Gold value depends on where you live. In Pakistan, true gold is 21K gold and in UAE 24K is allowed to be called gold, while in Italy 18k is much more common. High end items are generally made in at least 18K, but prone to scratches because of mixing of other metals and considered soft compared to 21 or 24K gold that are rich in gold percentage. Now, either you can save the metal or money. Choice is all yours. See how much you can spend and how much you can compromise on the amount of gold in your preferred jewelry. You can always save a little more, depending on the amount of gold and the gem size

Save on Diamond Jewelry:

  • Pick small but beautiful (not all big diamonds look attractive)

  • Consider synthetic over natural diamonds

  • Select another gemstone in diamond cut

Learn about lab-grown (synthetic) as well as natural diamonds. The former are cheaper and make quite a real deal without breaking your financial bubble. But do not compromise on the quality. Choose a good color for your lab-grown diamond. Always prefer a good cut over a carat. Remember, for engagement or wedding rings, diamond isn’t an only option. Any gemstone you find in new fashion jewellery will work, don’t fall victim to the foul peer pressure of showing a giant diamond. The stone’s size does not relate to your love scale. 

Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry:

Choose a dazzling silver ring over a too thin and tiny gold ring. As an alloy of silver, 925 Silver Jewelry is far less expensive compared to gold and diamond. Even pure silver is more affordable. Wonderful designs are available in the market because designers are more likely to produce amazing things in sterling silver to help people save money. Moreover, no polishing and extreme care is required because it won’t get oxidized; even not to worry much if you lose them. Also, it works the best for sensitive skins. Opt for rhodium-plated silver that looks like white gold. What else do you need?  

Invest in Fashion Jewelry:

Buy fashion jewelry if you have a limited budget. It is always a great move to invest in a beautiful piece of artificial jewelry rather than a crappy and expensive piece of gold or silver jewelry. Isn’t it a simple and real deal to save your money? It’s fun and delightful for even quite a lot of high end designers to play with fashion jewelry. Well, remember that not all the great fashion ornaments come with low price tags. But, undoubtedly, they are economical for your pocket. So, if you are looking for something extraordinary and don’t have money to buy fine jewelry then try your hands on fashion jewelry from uclick.pk

Pro Tip: Buy yourself some pre-owned, vintage jewelry if you don’t mind to opt for a pre-loved piece.  

Do share your thoughts and some more tips if you have any for saving money on jewelry.

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