How to Avoid Overbaking Your Layered Fashion Jewelry Look
How to Avoid Overbaking Your Layered Fashion Jewelry Look

Layered Fashion Jewelry

Layer jewelry is today’s one of the most dominant trends. But, just putting on every piece in your new jewellery collection may not be a good deal to go. Well, people wearing whatever they had in the stock on their body must look cool, persuading you to follow this trend. However, it will turn the heads when you do it in the right way.

It’s not necessary to embrace all your favorite ornaments in one go. It could terribly go wrong. So, whenever you feel like picking out one jewelry item and desperately want to layer your pieces of jewelry, here are some tips you should consider to get it right.

Always mix and match the necklace lengths and different types of metals or pendants that suits your body frame and outfits. Both are deal breaking factors in addition to the occasions on which you want to create that amazing look.

1.   Pair up short length fashion necklaces with slightly heavier and longer pendant chains. Pick the pendant of your choice that could be a gemstone or your lucky charm. For instance, combine a short chained and dainty diamond pendant with a medallion type long chained necklace for a soft and edgy look.

2.   Customized necklaces with multiple charms and varying chain lengths will be a perfect fit to create a more personalized look. Here, you can add a name or monogram pendant or a bar necklace to brighten up your overall style statement.

3.   A choker necklace with a long chain necklace or a delicate choker combined with rani haar is another great pick, especially for brides-to-be who want to appear a bit more conventional on their big day.   

4.   For a chunky fad, try boho style layering, but don’t overdo.         

Stacking of rings seems quite interesting, but keep it minimal. Apparently, it is an easy-to-do job, but actually mixing different metals and weights make this art of stacking a little more complex.

1.   Stack same ring design in different colors to create a sense of symmetry.

2.   Try one metal like gold on one hand and 925 silver jewelry rings on the other hand – it will be fun and different.

3.   Pair up two funky rings; one could be an embroidered or simple metal ring and another could be a personalized ring with your full name or initial engraved.

4.   For a less cluttered stack, a midi ring is quite a perfect addition to a set of 3 or 4 same rings.

Wrist Wears:
Rock your wrist with eye-catching fashion accessories – bracelets and watches – to complete your style statement.

1.   Multi-colored bracelets are super exciting. Add an elegant watch or try a beaded bracelet with chunky bangles.

2.   For an intricate feminine style, try lightweight and elegant  cuff bracelets embellished with subtle charming motifs.

3.   Stick to minimal style and focus on metals instead of colors or charms. Start with a light metal or a chain link piece in silver followed by a bigger wrap bracelet in a different color, maybe rose gold and end up with a heavy metal titan bracelet.

4.   If you want to be more reserved, wear only one sleek and dainty bracelet on one side and an elegant watch on the other wrist.

Bottom Line:
Do not get overly excited about any look you seek for – stay low key to appear elegant and classy. Make sure your fashion accessories shouldn’t take the viewers focus away from the outfit you are wearing; whatever layer jewelry style you opt for, it should complement it further.

Explore for our new jewellery collection and let us know in the comments below about your favorite layer jewelry.

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