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How Can You Differentiate Between Silver & Silver-Plated Jewelry?
How Can You Differentiate Between Silver & Silver-Plated Jewelry?

Difference Between Silver & Silver-Plated Jewelry?

When was the last time you analyzed jewelry arrivals and got confused between silver and silver-plated jewelry? Jewelry owners claim that jewelry pieces are 100% original. On the other hand, you are not sure about it. What to do? What we suggest is that you should not believe that person blindly.  

There is no need to pay a handsome amount of money for a silver-plated jewelry item. In this script, we will walk you through a bunch of the major differences between silver and silver-plated jewelry. This will help you to not put yourself in a trap.

Let’s find out the differences.

1.      Check out mark of Excellence

Silver in original form is soft and to make it durable other metals are added. If we make our discussion around silver-plated jewelry, then there is just a silver coating on another metal. If the silver jewelry is having a 925 stamp, it means it has 92% silver. This type of jewelry is known as 925 silver jewelry.

There is no hallmark on silver-plated jewelry. No doubt, it will shine like white gold but it will fade away very soon. It is highly advised to go for the jewelry pieces having an originality stamp.

2.      Examine the color

We can’t deny that silver and silver-plated jewelry look alike, but you can differentiate between the two due to its color. Silver items have a moderate shine and on the other side silver plated jewelry has a glossy gleam. That’s how you can get to know which jewelry item is original.

Carefully analyze the jewelry piece, silver-plated items turn green with time. If you observe such things, then surely your answer should be no. A thin silver coating tends to fade, lose its shine and will have signs of wear and tear.

3.      Perform an Acid Test

If you are still having any doubts about the originality of silver jewelry, then ask the jewelry maker to perform an acid test. This test is performed with the help of nitric acid. When the item is dipped in nitric acid, pure silver will not lose its color. When you do the same with a silver-plated jewelry piece, then it will turn into green because of the copper or nickel element.

In this way, you can figure out which silver piece is worthy of investment. Another way you can try is to take a soft white cloth piece and rub the silver item. You will observe black spots from pure silver items due to oxidation.  

4.      Price Range

As we said earlier, we don’t have to spend on something which is not yielding. Original silver is highly priced whereas silver-plated costs low. A note of caution is to not mix silver and silver-plated jewelry objects. What will happen eventually?

You will be trapped and might pay a considerable amount for a silver-plated necklace set. We don’t want you to do this. If you take a note of the above-mentioned points, then it would be easier to invest the right way. 

Bottom Line
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