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Fashion Accessory Trends to Make Your Style Statement
Fashion Accessory Trends to Make Your Style Statement

Fashion Accessory Trends

There’s always plenty of options for everyone to try and elevate their style. While it’s simple to follow the hottest styles, it’s not always the right choice to make. Fashion accessories have the power to transform your overall look and take your style to incredibly new levels. Your fashion-savvy personality cannot rely on the same pieces every time you leave the house.

Complement your look by transforming your outfits with accessories from shoes to bags, sunglasses, fashion jewelry, and more that stands on their own. Here’s the statement accessories that will not fade into the background and help elevate your style this season. 

1.   Bejeweled Bags

A woman’s wardrobe has always a place for classic and timeless pieces, but often simple handbags won’t cut it. For the times you need something more unique than your classic black handbag, you should give bejeweled bags a try. These embellished bags are perfect for your chic and loud persona. Create your style statement with fully bejeweled designs or those that are more subtle to complement your personal tastes. Bedazzled handbags and acrylic clutches are the right options to dress up a minimalistic outfit and create a glamorous look. 

2.   Hoop Earrings

90’s fashion returns with hoop earrings – always a great look to try your hands on. Hoops are simple yet sassy and classy earrings that always seems like a new fashion jewelry trend that works all seasons and for all occasions. Regardless of your personal style being elegant, modish, sporty or anything in between, hoops will never disappoint you. The only and the best rule to follow for making your own style statement is to keep the hoops size maximal and the design minimal – simple, thin, large, less-jeweled, and free from complicated shapes.

3.   Low, Pointy Pumps

The pointy toe pumps with kitten heels are statement shoes this season that largely swapped the casual sneakers and stilettos. Get the best of both worlds with these comfortable, elegant, and stylish shoes. So, practical for the office use or just when you need to roam around the streets. This fabulous and easy-breezy footwear will take you anywhere from the workplace to ladies’ night out or even cocktails. Your small heel, pointy pumps pair up perfectly with many outfits to give your persona a chic look.

4.   French Berets

Create a more feminine and elegant style statement with berets – season’s trendiest hat. A great alternative of floppy brimmed, fedoras and beanie hats during the cooler days of spring and winter – giving you a more elevated and sophisticated appearance.  Classic beret in neutral shades is perfect for adding a French touch to any of your dresses. Solid colors like black are a great pick and can complement with everything. Pair your beret with any contemporary outfit to get a fabulous look.

5.   Mismatched Earrings

This season the best alternative to hoops is to stay rocking in a mismatched pair of earrings. It’s more like an updated version of last season’s single earring style when women were rocking in one earring and leaving the other earlobe free.  Now, this statement accessory features the latest earrings design with different styles and contrasting aesthetics. The trick designers apply here to bring you a unique look is to craft the pieces that are similar, but exactly the same. We have a pro tip for you; make a pair with different shapes or sizes.

6.   Vintage Specs

Vintage glasses are a must in your fashion set. A few years back geeky glasses look was too cool to carry all day long. Continuing, sunglasses are still an important part of statement accessories with lots of street styles. In any weekend outfit vintage style, specs could be an easy addition. Besides, being extremely stylish, these conventional styles are also a low-cost trend to try. Transform your persona with the vintage frames without breaking your financial bubble. 

Keep trying new trends to create an ultra-chic look with these cool accessories. Get elegant and stylish pieces from Uclick.pk – an online jewelry store that focuses on the latest jewelry innovation, customer choices, and the latest trends at the same time.

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