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Earrings Guide By Face Shape For Fashion Freaks
Earrings Guide By Face Shape For Fashion Freaks

Earrings Guide By Face Shape

Not all online jewelry in Pakistan or anywhere is the same because not all pieces are created equal. Each brand has its unique value. Just like that, when it comes to making yourself appear at your best, you need something exceptional. A striking pair of earrings, pendant necklace, or stackable rings can serve you better. However, no jewelry item significantly depends on your face shape except for earrings.

Different face shapes require certain styles of earrings. Therefore, always pick what makes you feel unique and beautiful. If you are looking for some guidance, start here to find the most flattering earring styles for your face.

Firstly, know different types of face shapes. You might have met many people with different facial features. The face shapes are usually categorized into the following main types.

Oval Face:

An oval-shaped face is also known as a long face because they are proportionally balanced on their vertical plane. They are longer with a round chin and jawline. The forehead of the people with oval faces is as broad as their cheekbones.

Types of Earrings:

Oval faces are quite fortunate because almost any style of earrings looks fantastic on them. Try various styles and sizes to see what best flatters your features. You can choose any design if it looks good and uses it as long as it flatters your features.

However, some earring styles that may be particularly flattering include small and simple studs or drop earrings with a delicate design. You might also want to avoid large hoops and other types of statement earrings, which may overwhelm your features. Now, this is your personal choice of how you want to look your best with earrings complementing your face and outfit.

Round Face:

A wide hairline and the fullness below the cheekbones make a face round shaped. The widest point in this type of face is between the cheeks without tapering toward the chin. Just like the long hair makes your face appear elongated, undermining the rounded look, dangle earrings are the most flattering pick for this face shape.

Types of Earrings:

People with round faces should avoid earrings featuring circles. Elongated earrings are a great choice to balance out the roundness of your face. Round faces look good with long, dangling, and teardrop earrings. Steer clear of big, chunky earrings or those too close to your face.

If you want to keep things simple, stud earrings are a good option. They will draw attention to your face without overwhelming it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, drop earrings are a perfect pick. The length of the drop will help to elongate your face and make it look less round. Chandelier earrings are another excellent option for round-faced women. They add height and drama, which can help balance out your face shape.

Square Face:

The square face is proportionally balanced both vertically and horizontally. Therefore, the jawline and cheekbones of people with this facial feature have closely the same width. Simple earrings will significantly help you put together a captivating look.

Types of Earrings:

Since square faces are broad, earrings that are elongated or wider will help to soften the face. Avoid choosing earrings with too much embellishment and those that sparkle, as these will only draw attention away from your face.

Square faces should choose delicate, small earrings that avoid angles. Think studs, spirals, and other simple designs with clean lines. Ear studs with a square or rectangular face can help accentuate and bring out the geometry of the face. Other options include pierced, dangling earrings and hoops with intricate detailing or gemstones in neutral colors like clear, black, white, etc. You can also get the best silver jewelry online because it is the most versatile option, like gold, to compliment most skin tones.

Heart Face:

A heart-shaped face has a smaller chin and a more prominent forehead, similar to the shape of a heart. The earrings that highlight the cheekbones can be particularly appealing on this face type. Many types of earrings would look great on a heart-shaped face. But, go for a style that draws attention up and away from the chin area.

Types of Earrings:

Heart-shaped faces are flattered by large and dazzling earrings. In addition, you can try hoops, dangles, or studs with gemstones in shades of your choice, complementing your skin tone and outfit.

Earrings with angular or tapered designs might complement the heart faces better than those with round or more curved shapes. Hoop earrings or dangles that fall below the earlobe might be incredibly flattering since they add length to a short face. Materials such as metal, stone, or enamel in shades of pink, red, or burgundy can also help to enhance the natural flush of a heart-shaped face.

What else to consider?

Consider the size of your face when choosing earrings. If you have a small face, smaller earrings will look better. If you have a large face, oversized earrings will look better. Along with your facial features, take into account the following parameters while selecting the best suitable earrings.

  • Hair color and length

  • Skin tone and undertone

  • Size and length of earrings

  • Occasion and its formality

  • Earring style and design

  • Your personality and outfit

  • Personal preferences  

Have fun experimenting!

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