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Downsides of Bronze Jewelry You Might Not Aware Of
Downsides of Bronze Jewelry You Might Not Aware Of

Downsides Of Bronze Jewelry

You know what, bronze is the first alloy ever. It has been in trend for more than 3000 years. It possesses an appealing rust color with a vintage charisma. Bronze is an alloy containing copper in the maximum ratio. Females prefer bronze jewelry while exploring jewelry arrivals due to its durability and repressed shine.

Where there are advantages, there also comes some drawbacks. You should be a little bit cautious before purchasing and wearing bronze jewelry. Your queries will come to an end when you read this article further.

Let’s dive right now.

It Can Oxidize

Though wearing bronze jewelry provides a unique look. But side by side, it has oxidation properties. When bronze gets exposure to oxygen or moisture, then it tarnishes. Its color gets darker and a patina is formed. Patina is a fine green layer on a bronze surface. If you are having a patina on your bronze necklace sets, then certainly you are not going to use them anymore.  

It Can Cause Allergy

There is no harm in wearing bronze jewelry if you are not allergic to nickel. Because bronze has some other traces of metals like aluminum, manganese, zinc, nickel and tin, etc. Some of the common symptoms of nickel allergy include skin rashes, red eyes, skin discoloration and dry patches on skin. If you are having nickel allergy then avoid wearing bronze jewelry. Moreover, if you try lacquered or sealed bronze then there are minimum chances of getting any allergy.

It Demands Cleaning

Another downside of bronze jewelry is that it requires extra care. What does it mean? It refers to the fact that you can’t put on bronze jewelry items while doing dishes, workout, cleaning and swimming etc. The reason is that when the jewelry will get into contact with water or moisture, it oxidizes and loses luster. We all want such jewelry which we can wear without any tension all the time. Hence, if you decide to wear this jewelry, then be aware of this downside which will make you take it off after some time. 

It Can Turn Skin into Green

One of the other demerits which restricts the women to use this jewelry is skin discoloration problem. Due to the copper element, it makes the skin green. Don’t doubt it as an allergy. It is just a reaction which occurs between the skin and bronze. Though it sounds disturbing, it is not that harmful. Last but not the least, it is better to not wear bronze jewelry.  

Some Tips To Alleviate Downsides Of Bronze Jewelry :
While we have come across some demerits of bronze jewelry, here we would like to provide you some of the useful tips to mitigate them. 

     Clean your bronze jewelry after use with vinegar.

      Apart from vinegar, you could use olive oil to maintain its sheen.  

     You can use clear nail polish to create a fine coating on bronze jewelry to save it from harsh environmental conditions.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, people like to wear bronze jewelry being extremely affordable. However, they must follow some precautions to repress its drawbacks. And, if you can spend a little more extra, then try your hands-on silver sterling jewelry with none of the above-mentioned downsides of any fashion accessories.

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