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Complementing Necklaces & Earrings – Some Tips & Tricks
Complementing Necklaces & Earrings – Some Tips & Tricks

Necklaces & Earrings

Have you ever become confused in finding the right necklace for earrings or vice versa? Trust me, you are not the only one who finds uncertainty about making the best pair of earrings with a necklace set. Every morning, you spend time sorting out this perplexing situation.

If you read this document till the end, then this will not be the case anymore. We will discuss some useful tips to deal with this issue. From now onwards, you can better compliment your necklaces and earrings.

Let’s begin.

1.      Put Up Various Materials

Your earrings and necklaces are such jewelry pieces which get in the spotlight in one gaze. To create a balanced & perfect look, you can consider a variety of metals. For instance, wearing a stone-pendant necklace will go perfectly well with sterling silver earrings. Likewise, a pearl necklace can also be carried with platinum or palladium earrings.

What if you like to wear a gold necklace? You can wear it flawlessly along with copper earrings. Its dull orange hue will give a vintage look. Further to this, you have the option to pair up plastic earrings available in exquisite designs with sterling silver necklace. So, if you are not having jewelry objects of the same material then no worries. Adopt the said tips to enhance your fashion style.

2.      Consider Size & Shape

We know, we should not carry jhumkas at either the workplace or for a professional meeting. Similarly, we have to be thoughtful about necklace and earrings size and shape. A choker neckpiece which you just wrap around your neck can’t be complemented with crawler stud earrings. These earrings will not be quite visible and it will give an impression of naked earlobes.

In the same way, a double traditional necklace will not resonate with heavy jhumkas. It is to say that for a heavy necklace you should go for light-weight earrings. You will also find weird-shaped jewelry arrivals in the market. Since owl or face-shaped earrings should not be your choice with a chain necklace.

3.      Color Combination

There is no rule to always wear the same-colored fine jewelry and fashion jewelry pieces. Find jewelry with colors that blend perfectly well or don’t give an odd appearance. Since, a black neckband with a gold earring can never be a perfect combination. Agreeing to this, try to select earrings of neutral colors which get harmonized with different-colored necklaces.

Additionally, if your necklace is having a furnished hue, then don’t look for the same earrings. It will look bizarre. Your red ruby necklace can be a good combination with sterling silver earrings but not with yellow statement earrings. Make a color combination that is eye-catching and spectacular.

To Sum up :

We hope that you will not put yourself in trouble while matching jewelry again. Putting it all together, there are hundreds and thousands of jewelry designs and styles. All you need to do is to pair up the necklace & earrings keeping in view the aforementioned guidelines. You can also visit www.uclick.pk to explore worthwhile jewelry pieces.

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