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Can You Carry Gold & Silver Jewelry Together?
Can You Carry Gold & Silver Jewelry Together?

Gold & Silver Jewelry

Putting together various metals is no longer a weird phenomenon. Fashion jewelry has made its horizons a lot broadened. There is no harm in stacking up jewelry of different metals, but needs to be done skillfully. The purpose of carrying jewelry is to look fashionable and elegant.

Agreeing so, we will guide how you can do mixing of metals to appear stylish. We will take into account the combination of gold and silver jewelry hereby.  

Let’s begin this journey.    

1.      Combining Gold & Silver

Following the jewelry mixing trend, you can put on gold and silver jewelry concurrently. Yes, you are hearing it right. Although the color of these metals is totally different, look for two-tone colors of the metals. Totally opposite hues of the metals will look tacky. Your gold ring can go perfectly fine with a silver necklace set.

Even if you are intending to stack up gold and silver bracelets then it is also a good option to make it a fashion. Look, you have to carry it to enhance your fashion sense. There is no need to overdo something that makes a bizarre appearance. 

2.      Don’t Be Superstitious  

Wearing jewelry is a compliment to your outfits and personality. More than that, silver metal is known for its calming and positive effects. Besides, gold jewelry has been an indication of class and elegance since ages. There is nothing true about bad luck from these metals.

If you have heard something like that then don’t believe that anymore. Instead, it is advised to wear silver for overcoming some health issues and building a positive aura. There are chances that you get attention and be in the spotlight for putting on these metals. Hence, stealing your luck cannot be possible ever just because you wear these metals together. 

3.      Ways to Combine Gold & Silver

We will put forth some of the tips whereby combining gold and silver jewelry for you becomes easy.

1.    Make gold and 925 silver jewelry items a part of your new collection. In order to do so, choose the jewelry pieces having designs that suit each other. Saying so, we refer that designs of both gold and silver jewelry complement each other. They shouldn’t make a weird combination.

2.     As we discussed earlier that you have to consider gold and silver in a sparkling hue, it will not fit well. Your options could be rose gold and white gold with silver. You can match white gold with sterling silver since both these metals share the same bright gleam.  

3.    Making a match would be much easier if you consider your outfits as well. You can add spice in your personality if your accessories harmonize with your dress. We are not saying to match it, but be careful about the design and weight of the jewelry.   

Final Thought :
Air is clear that you can wear gold and silver ornaments simultaneously. Move to either a local shop or an online jewelry shop to revamp your jewelry collections. 

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