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Break the Bond of Tradition – Be More Fashion Forward
Break the Bond of Tradition – Be More Fashion Forward

Break The Bond Of Tradition

Traditional fashion accessories are love. But often we don’t like sticking to the trends and tend to go beyond the traditions for creating new excitement. Consider alternative metals and colored gemstones or give contemporary twists to the age-old styles for creating a head-turning look.

There are ornaments that work for you every time and for every event – a standard collection that never goes wrong. For instance, custom silver jewelry, pearl pendant, gold bracelet, stud earrings, solitaire ring, and multi-strand pearls to name a few.

With the evolving fashion realm, it’s high time to take your jewelry selection up a notch – Whether you buy for yourself or want to gift them.

Here’s how you can have more signature pieces beyond tradition.

Colored Gems:

Monochromatic jewelry may give you an elegant look, but nothing is more personal than colored gemstones. They have a unique ethos and hidden meanings which make them an essential part of religious practices in nearly all cultures. You may get jewelry pieces for their intrinsic beauty, but how amazing it will be to display a message of your choice to the viewers besides adding a meaningful style to your appearance.

Each color symbolizes specific gist such as red pertains to strength, love, and liveliness, blue exhibits calmness, motivation and sincerity, while purple stands for mystery, magic, and royalty and white depicts truth, purity, and kindness. So, as you invest in new fashion jewellery, you can have single or multi-shade gems of your choice – and pair it up with any outfit. Synthetic stones will make jewelry cost more affordable for you.  

Alternative Metals:

Want to look different? Change your metal choice. Diversion from commonly used metals like gold, and sterling silver is a cool way to change up your jewelry choice. For instance, instead of yellow or white gold, designers’ new love is rose gold because it can flatter almost all skin tones. Green gold, which is actually greenish yellow is also a nice pick for having a more individual look.  

Cobalt, stainless steel, titanium and palladium are available in the market and a new entry of tungsten carbide is a great plus because of its density and resistance to corrosion. All these metals denote strength, but are commonly seen without gemstones because their hardness makes it nearly impossible to embed stones in them. Quite affordable and different, these jewelry pieces will give you amazing choices.

Add a Twist to Tradition:

Unconventional elements even in the most common jewelry pieces will make your jewelry choice more pleasant and exclusive. For instance, replace white diamond stud earrings with yellow or black diamond studs. Stainless steel watch with a pearl dial will be an extremely attractive accessory.

Instead of gold or any other metal, leather has become a striking trend in bracelets and necklaces. Consider a strand of baroque or sculptural pearls in different colors for a knockout style.

In a nutshell, go against the grain and find your perfect fashion jewelry that’s unique and meaningful.

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