Belts for Women: What You Should Know
Belts for Women: What You Should Know

Belts For Women

Females and fashion are inseparable. In the quest of adding fashion accessories to the accessory box, a belt is also a must.

But do you know everything about wearing belts. If not then this piece of writing will help you know.

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  1. Occasion to Wear Belt

As such there is no specific occasion to wear a belt. There could be any casual or formal event. Regardless of the event, you need to consider color and belt style. This is vital to carry the belt in a proper way. Belt style should be according to your personality and the event type.

You will find a plethora of women’s belts designs out there. But here you have to be a bit cautious about belt selection. What normally happens is females with loose blouses and long skirts tend to opt for belts. But this is not all. You could wear it with simple shirts and maxy as well.

  1. Ways to Carry a Belt

There could be several ways to carry a belt as discussed below.

  • On a Long Sack Shirt

You might be familiar with the trend of wearing long sack shirts. Then what? You know what it makes girls appear somewhat out of shape. What about putting on a belt? Yes, it is definitely a good option. When you decide to carry a long sack shirt, wear a belt. Be sure it is prominent; means you have to select the opposite color. And it should be simple, not printed.

  • With Short Shirt and Jeans

This is one of the girls’ favorite outfits. We hope you agree with us completely. And putting on a belt will give a proper look. If you don’t wear it then it might seem that you are missing an important component. With blue jeans, choose the same color to make it harmonize. You will simply rock and look stylish at the event.

  • On the Blazer

This is just not to say that you will simply look fabulous. I mean this fashion is never out of the limelight. In winters, while wearing a coat, opt for a sophisticated belt. Truly, you are going to make people turn their heads. A point of caution is that it should not be too tight. You are already wearing a blazer and a tight belt can suffocate you.

  • Over a Frock

Girls are fond of wearing frocks. Aren’t they? With the frock of your choice, try carrying a belt. This is another way to look iconic and stylish. So, keep refining your fashion sense and put on a belt with it. What could be better than a floral belt? This type of belt seems an ideal choice for the frock. So, head over to and check out their floral belts collection.

  1. Types of Belts

To know about the belt types, read the below section.

  • Braided Belt

A simply iconic belt type which will suit most of your outfits. Must have this in your belt collection.

  • Chain Belt

This is an iconic belt style which is unique and will help create a dazzling look.

  • Floral Belt

As discussed in the above section, floral belts are well suited for the frocks. So, why not have this belt type? To have an iconic appearance with your frocks, never forget to wear a belt with it. 


  • Leather Belt

With your jeans and coats, having a leather belt is a great option. It is surely not a miss-out. 


Final Thoughts :

We are sure that after going through this blog post, you will look for the belts. It is a great accessory to have. Not only providing a unique style but enhancing overall appearance as well.

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