Types of Tassel Earrings Trending All Around

01 Dec
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With the new year, your jewelry collection should also be new. You must be having trending earrings styles. While talking about it, we can’t forget about tassel earrings.  

This piece of writing will let you know what tassel earrings are and their latest types which you shouldn’t miss. 

Get to know more of it here.

What are Tassel Earrings?

Tassel earrings refer to the hanging layers attached with the stud. It is usually long and has decorative details. This style has become the talk of the town. You can have amazing tassel designs matching your outfit. These are the statement jewelry pieces ready to give you a radiant look. 

Why Should You Go For Tassel Earrings?

There is not only a reason to make these earrings a part of your jewelry box. No matter what your face or body shape is, it is suitable to carry. Apart from this, its luscious style, fabric hangings make it eye-catching. Additionally, beads and other decoratives make it more iconic. 

Trending Tassel Earrings

Here, we will discuss some of the trending tassel earrings. 

1.       Pineapple Tassel Earrings

For your vibrant and fabulous look, these tassel earrings are a must to have. Embellished with pom-pom and decorative, these are your go-to earrings style. Carry it with your silky tops, or high neck shirts, it works well. 

2.       Layered Tassel Earrings

As the name implies, layered tassels earrings have multiple layers of tassels hanging down. Such a flock of tassels is eye-catching and iconic. Have it to dazzle up look at coming wedding events and other festivals. Enhance your fashion sense by investing in these earrings. Unlike other earrings designs, these are flashy, giving you a perfect look. 

3.       Tassel Jhumka Earrings

Complement your traditional outfits with tassel jhumka earrings. This statement style earrings type will definitely make people turn their heads. To stay abreast with the latest fashion trends, have tassel jhumkas and look fab. Instead of casual jhumkas, give a try to tassel jhumkas. Surely, you will find a niche in the spotlight.  

4.       Tassel Hoop Earrings

Have you tried tassel hoops? Do so! You will love it. Instead of casual hoops, have tassel hoops. Everyone will love this earrings style. It will give a nudge to your fashion style. Have a voguish look at the party or get together with these tassel hoops. It is worth your price. 

5.       Tassel Fan Earrings

An amazing, chic style that seems to be the perfect option for the noted occasions. Go grab your piece from a reliable online jewelry shop. Having material and colour of your choice, find a piece which suits you well. Take a step out from wearing regular hoops and carry this one for a splendid appearance. 

Celebrities Corner

Many celebrities have opted for tassel earrings. Mawra Hocane, Deepika Padukone, and Kareena Kapoor are to name a few. If celebrities have carried this style, it means it is a hot fashion trend. Going for this trend will be a wise option.

Final Thoughts 

To have a super-stylish tassel earpiece, go to www.uclick.pk. That’s it. Explore a variety of tassel earrings and select the one which caters for your needs.

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