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4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry
4 Distinct Qualities of Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry

There would be no wrong in saying that jewelry symbolizes confidence, power, and feminism. Considering that fact, every woman should wear jewelry to look beautiful. Moreover, jewelry symbolizes different messages such as prosperity, elegance, and security. 

Women should keep upgrading their jewelry collection and should substitute their old jewelry with the latest fashion jewelry. How can we miss out on such versatile jewelry while talking of ornaments? Undoubtedly, sterling silver jewelry is a staple for various looks. Whether you are going out for lunch with your best friends or going for a nighttime party, these silver ornaments can completely revamp your entire attire.  

Before getting into the fantastic qualities of silver jewels, let’s get yourself familiar with sterling silver jewelry and why people prefer this nowadays. Silver is similar in composition to copper and gold. Silver is a very soft, flexible, and malleable metal. It has a high polish to it, and its characteristic shine makes you the center of attention of every gathering. Indeed, it is one of the oldest yet finest metals discovered by humans. 

In terms of purity, fine silver contains 99.9% of silver, whereas sterling silver contains 92.5% of silver and 7.5% of copper. That ratio makes this kind of silver easier to work with. That’s the reason why there are tons of patterns and designs in those types of silver ornaments. 

Now that you are familiar with what that type of silver is, let’s look at four distinct qualities of sterling silver fashion jewelry

Damage to Sterling Silver 

Sterling silver ornaments tarnish swiftly as compared to fine silver and turn into brown or black. This jewelry tarnishes more quickly in tropical or humid conditions.  The tarnish lay on the top layer of the jewelry. You can prevent your precious ornaments from tarnishing with a bit of care. Moreover, use a jewelry cleaner to keep the shine of your jewelry long lasting.  You should take your decorations off while swimming or taking a shower to prevent damage and rusting of your jewels. Moreover, keep your fingers off of it to avoid corrosion in your jewelry. 

The Versatility of Silver Jewelry 

As mentioned earlier, the blend of copper and pure silver blend makes that silver versatile compared to other jewelry metals. Jewelers can make all sorts of designs with this flexible metal, no matter how complicated the design is.  This metal is the best choice for the latest earrings design, bracelets, and necklaces. You can pair jewels made up of this silver with every outfit as they coordinate perfectly no matter what you prefer to wear.  Not only this, but you can also pair ornaments made up of this versatile metal with your favorite stones. Gemstones and embedded diamonds instantly spice up your entire attire without going over the top. 

Sterling Silver is Hypoallergenic 

Do you know that people usually react to the nickel in the jewels? 

Well, one thing that makes sterling silver jewelry stand out is that it is hypoallergenic. In layman terms, it means that you will not get any allergic reaction on your skin after wearing such ornaments. As a result, you can wear your favorite jewels all day, every day, without worrying about anything.  Hence, jewels made up of that type of silver do not contain any nickel. 

Sterling Silver Finishes 

This type of silver has a fantastic and iconic shine that ignites up the entire attire of the one who is wearing it. You can coat your pieces with rhodium if you want your jewelry to be tarnish-resistant. This platinum metal makes sure that your silver does not rust or tarnish while keeping its signature shine as it is.  

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