Earrings to Pair with Your Evening Outfits

17 Nov


Women, in all ages, love to make a show-stopper statement. Whether a special day or an event at work or just celebrating a weekend, they love to get a perfect outfit in their closet. And, then, there comes an exclusive liking for perfect jewelry for everyday looks. However, pairing fashion accessories with evening wear still creates a doubt in making the right decision.

Fashion Jewelry should add the right amount of gleam, glow and elegance to your personality when paired with an evening dress. With plenty of options that could make your head spin, you need to distill down the right accessories tying your outfit. 

This is where we got your back! With a plethora of earring options for you to pick from, we have it all for you to pair up with your evening dresses from traditional jhumkas to contemporary studs and custom silver jewelry to wear with a one-piece cocktail or party wear, and formal gown or sequin dress to name a few.               

1.       Danglers

Also known as drop earrings, this range is one of the easiest choices for evening gowns. Their hanging designs move with your head, making it a perfect addon for twilight events. Plain danglers don’t clash your printed dress. While for color block patterns or plain outfit, you can add golden squirrel earrings – creating an intriguing pop of sparkling personality.

Golden Squirrels Earrings

For a more elegant yet stylish look, our boho chic style irregular pearl drop earrings will be an amazing fit.  

2.        Shoulder Dusters

Now that’s the real accessory for evening dresses. Drop earrings in a longer version and that literally touch your shoulders are an ideal addition for off-shoulder evening dresses. For formal gowns, side-shoulder and halter necklines, and maxi, the pairing will include  long chain earrings. This classy pair of gold-toned shoulder dusters highlights an enticing style with elegance.

Long Chain Earrings

For a little more shine, choose multi circle long earrings. Ignite your style with these fiery round-shape earrings and you will be good to go.

Multi Circle Long Earrings

3.       Hoops
Retro vibes and evenings are forever loved. Though simple in design, you can flaunt these circular earrings from dawn to dusk. If you are wondering how to accessorize a solid color dress, especially black and white, just add tri-strand golden hoops. The sparkling crystals make this pair a more gleaming pick.

Multi-layer round hoops

Add the right amount of sparkle to your look with these silver hoop earrings. This pair as an epitome of minimalist elegance will look as striking with a pair of jeans and tee’s as with your evening gown.

Silver Round Hoops

4.       Half Hoops

As the name implies, these earrings have a partial circular pattern – also, named J-hoop earrings. When in search for matching with a western dress for an evening event, this classic pair of triple hoop earrings in gold or silver will echo lunar charm.  


5.       Studs
Another category of earrings to make your jewelry selection dilemma a whole lot less when you are in search of the perfect earrings to wear with evening outfits. Studs can never go wrong when accessorized with any outfit, depending on your facial features and hairstyle, and of course the type of event. Let this trendy pair of chain studs shine you in the limelight!


Check out our entire earrings collection and you will never go wrong with your picks for evening dresses.


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